Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Gets 10 Hour-long Maintenance to Address Problems and Add New Servers

Square Enix announced a 10 hour-long maitnenance for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn that should finally solve the issues the game has suffered from in the past few days.

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Shuyin1897d ago

Ffs, just as I wanted to play a few hours since I couldn't for the last few days.

Monkeysmarts1897d ago

This better fix all the bs. I understand its an MMO launch but hoooooly sheet has this one been just stupid. Great game but it's insanity just to even get in to play it.

If this doesn't fix it then I'm probably not going to bother with it again until it lands on PS4. I love the game but this has been beyond irritating.

mgeezy3131896d ago

I'm too much of a fan of Square Enix to give up on them now. They've taken their old game and completely changed it to satisfy their supporters. Eventually, it will be fixed and I'll be with them the entire way supporting them like a real fan should instead of whining because of minor inconveniences.

Monkeysmarts1896d ago

Bending over and being a blind supporter doesn't make you a real fan. People paid money to play this game, not stare at the login screen and get errors for hours on end. I mean, if you're satisfied with wasting money on a game you can't even play then more power to you I guess. It's a very good game, but most haven't even been able to play it at all. Hard for me to understand why you'd be upset about people demanding the product they purchased.