Countdown to GTA V: Trevor Phillips

A daily countdown to the most anticipated game of the year, Grand Theft Auto V, continues. Today we look at the second of the three protagonists, Trevor. So who is Trevor and what is his background? Let's find out.

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TrevorPhillips1899d ago

Make sure to use me in the game guys!

dvx uk1899d ago

You certainly seem the most f*cked up character ;) Good fun lye's ahead.

TrevorPhillips1899d ago

I sure am the most f*cked up character, I mean, did you see the foot I flushed down the toilet with my foot lol

minimur121899d ago

any potential spoilers?

DxTrixterz1899d ago

Sorry Trevor but you're not character for me. Michael is cooler.

TrevorPhillips1899d ago

Oh yeah! Does Michael drive around like a maniac with the whole army chasing after him

SpideySpeakz1899d ago

both of you are wrong. Franklin is the best character there. He has more substance, and character dynamics than both Trevor and Mike combined. He's the next best CJ.

Scarface71898d ago

Do you want him to take hes dick out again?!

TheBurger291899d ago

please dont get your dick out again

Fasttrack761899d ago

Cant wait to cause mayhem with ya Trevor, f*** the police and the army we own them

kiwipunk1899d ago

mel gibson from lethal weapon?

GentlemenRUs1898d ago

And the Title of the story ruined the full name...

Come on people! Be wise and not put the end-name or any spoiler at all in the Title...

dvx uk1898d ago

It's not a big secret that his surname is Phillips lol. It's also not a big deal is it??

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