Ryse: Sons of Rome Vidoc Single Player Gameplay

A brand new Vidoc video of Ryse was shown during the Halo 4 Global Championship Live Stream.

A much higher quality video is available at the credit url link. Skip to 1 hour 35 minutes in.

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Walker1898d ago

Looks nothing like next-generation to me ! The animations and combat system (gameplay) are lame and boring !

thereapersson1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

@ Walker

Yeah, it's no 4-D or anything...


This video is terrible quality; a compressed, pixelated mess. Anyone who judges the visual fidelity off this YouTube video is doing it wrong.

No_Limit1898d ago

Yup, if you go to this link https://blogs.halowaypoint.... , and skip to the 1 hour 35 min mark, you will see this game in all its brutal glory. It is really one of the best looking games for next gen.

AngelicIceDiamond1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Walker does that on all X1 articles just mark him for trolling.

I have to admit the MP looks tacked on but the single player seems very promising.

I hope they have a long, fulfilling and rewarding story in Ryse.

EVILDEAD3601897d ago

HOLY Sh!+!!! Thanks No_Limit +Bubz bro!

That link ruled. Not only for the H4 comp but the Titan and Ryse god. I wasn't a big fan of Ryse after E3, (thought the E3 stuff was kinda cheesy) but WOW I can honestly say I'm preordering it now.

X-won baby


No_Limit1897d ago

LOL, for those that disagrees with my HD link..I just have one thing to say to you..."ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?"

starchild1897d ago

I think the animation transitions could be smoother, but the visuals are very very good.

abzdine1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

this is going to be ONE hell of a boring game! There is no excitment watching videos of Ryse. Crytek need to learn how develop a BTA game properly.
Check out the collisions, when he hits there is no contact with the ennemies

Cueil1897d ago

NOT FINAL CODE... so please enough with the nit picking

No_Limit1897d ago

Finally, a review of this Ryse Vidoc is in:

JokesOnYou1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Hell yeah Ryse is a beast. Absolutely superb graphics and it plays like AC only bloodier, those finishing animations are fcking sick, all the detail in this game is impressive, can't wait for this. X1 has the best games that everyone even sonyfanboys follow every bit of news with strong envy, its flattering no doubt with all the constant attention they'll be getting an X1 too, welcome to the darkside guys. lol

DatNJDom811897d ago

Ryse will be a good game. Not on God of War's level, but a good game nevertheless. Maybe it will be under Lords of Shadow.

hazardman1897d ago

@ No Limit, thanks for link. I ended up watching the entire vid. Dude I cant believe kid just won 200k for playing video games!!!

4Sh0w1897d ago

Damm gotta love those graphics! Also I agree it does play just like AC did, not next gen but still enjoyable.

P0werVR1897d ago

Finally what I was waiting for!

The MP was cool and a great addition for replayability, but they saved the best for last.

Now I'm sold!

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BallsEye1898d ago

While animations for sure could be more fluid I don't know what the hell you expect from next gen. Combat looks basicly like the one from assassins creed. Graphics are for sure next-gen looking.

LordDhampire1898d ago

Lol, everyone expects to much from nextgen, especially launch titles......remember perfect dark zero? No? Since your probably like 13 well it looks like garbage and that was a bigger leap in technology.

BallsEye1897d ago

Are you talking to me? I think you've mistaken me with the other guy...I've played perfect dark zero on release date. I've actually was playing even fred flinstone on atari 64XE on release. looked worse than snes.

MysticStrummer1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I'd say it looks next gen, but it's not the best looking game we've been shown as some people claim, and the animations do need work.

I'd play the game if it came to PS4, but from this video and the E3 footage it looks like a God of War clone without the cool weapons, moves, enemies, and bosses. Hard to say about the story, but it will have to be pretty damn good to even come close to God of War's (the original... I didn't like the stories of GoW2 and 3 nearly as much).

stuna11897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Maybe this'll get a little closer to killing God of War, than Too Human! I agree it does look better than a majority of this generation offerings, but against certain games that I'm not going to name, there's simply no contest.

Tontus1897d ago

I think it is the most impressive looking game, when the characters aren't moving at least. Animation needs work.

I don't think it looks like a God of War clone, it's more similar to Assassin's Creed and the Batman games combat and it appears to be aiming to be a more realistic than a full on fantasy game. Also I prefer the story in GoW 2 + 3, they're much more grand, more characters, make more use of Greek Mythology and are more memorable. Opinions eh.

Jeffwiggle1897d ago

Could you please show us an example of what next gen looks like? I don't remember xbox360/ps3 looking like this. Maybe I have something wrong with my Hi-def tv...

DonFreezer1897d ago

If this was a ps4 game and had the game in progress subtitle on the video you would scream about how Sony will use the magic tool to polish a turd in 1 hour.Shut your mouth.The game will release and then we can judge for our selves if it sucks or not.

B-radical1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

It looks heaps pretty! Animations are fine to me but the combat could be worked on a bit more

More keen on the single player atm

Cueil1897d ago

THAT LOOK SWEEEETTTT... dude executed someone and then tossed the fool over at the other guy to daze him... knocking someone back on spikes... drowning fools in 10 inches of water... BA

British_Knight1897d ago

The gameplay may not be next gen, but the graphics are definitely next gen. When IGN and Gamespot demoed Ryse back at E3, they all said the game was so beautiful, the armor in particular, that the graphics were a bit distracting, because they found themselves marveling at the detail instead of focusing on the game.

With that being said, the multiplayer doesn't look as polished as the single player campaign. But most online multiplayer games take a visual hit - COD, Halo, Battlefield - in comparison to the single player campaign.

1897d ago
Trekster_Gamer1897d ago

Surprise surprise... Another jealous Sony Troll to be the first to comment...

The game looks fantastic!!!!

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first1NFANTRY1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

man how many stabs does a guy need before he dies? the enemy has to go down quicker if you're fighting three or more at the same time.

GiggMan1897d ago

I agree. Also if I see one more slow motion stab in the neck I'm going to stab someone myself...

Every Ryse preview being shown has that same slo-mo sheild thrust followed by neck stab lol.

B-radical1897d ago

There's over 100 types of executions it sucks there not showing any new ones

Cueil1897d ago

they showed a bunch more

Mariusmssj1898d ago

This is just my opinion.
BUT up to this point all their been doing is defending the gameplay + combat and boasting how great it is.

AND what scares me is that they have no even mentioned the story, the purpose or the complexity of the game. If it's just a game to kill bunch of dudes in fancy ways I have no interest in this game.

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TheKayle11898d ago

where is maria? haahah

compare it to knack cmon

ThatCanadianGuy5141898d ago

A more fitting comparison would be God of war 3.

GOW3 looks better

Skips1898d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Whoever disagreed with you, is only fooling themselves. lol

Ascension's visuals are just INSANE for seven year old hardware. :/

Skips1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )


LMFAO!! @ BallsEye...

Nice job pickin out the WORST possible screens you could find from old builds.. XD

Cute... ;D

BallsEye1897d ago


The f you talking about?
Your screen still look like sh!t.
Are you blind? Oh yea...fanboy.
To even think not even native HD gow3 looks better than next gen ryse is just stupid.

Skips1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

If the GOW screens I posted look like ****

Then those Ryse screens are ABOMINATIONS.


And what's even more hilarious, is there's nothing even going ON in Ryse!!!... Like 4-5 guys on screen, with some of the most BORING and slow looking executions I've ever seen in a Videogame lol... In GOWIII, the entire level moves at times... : /

"Are you blind?"

Nope, but you must be...

B-radical1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Your gonna compare a compressed youtube vid to a late current gen game........hmmm

Just look at that grass look at it! Now eat it! EAT THE GRASS!

starchild1897d ago

Some of you Sony fans have really gone off the deep end. God of War 3 looks nowhere near this good. God of War 3 is more comparable to Castlevania Lords of Shadow, which I am playing on my PC currently.

DiRtY1897d ago

Skips should just stop to embarrass himself.

Skips1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )


"Skips should just stop to embarrass himself."

I should stop to embarrass myself???




Anyways, wow!...blocking me after YOU were the one who messaged me??? Jeez, didn't think your feelings would get so hurt, after being proved wrong and looking like a fool saying (GOWIII looks like a "PS2.5 game"). lol

Talk about butthurt. : /

ThatCanadianGuy5141897d ago

I'm sorry, but those ryse screens look hilarious.Even with the advantage of being cutscene.Gameplay shots look even worse.

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MysticStrummer1898d ago

Why would it be compared to Knack?

Are you serious?


pyramidshead1897d ago

Knack's combat looks better actually lol.

Cueil1897d ago

call me when you can can drown someone in knack with your shield :-p Knack is probably the game I'll pick up with my PS4... Ryse is for sure a day one...

JustPlay41898d ago

Is dosn't look bad, but from this demo it like it could get boring really fast I know it brawler(button masher) but still It looks more like a rent then a buy to me