Bad Company better than Call of Duty 4?

Gameplayer has gone live with an in-depth hands-on preview of the Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer in which they argue that "once people get a taste of Bad Company, they won't want to venture back to CoD4 and Frontlines."

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Fishy Fingers3844d ago

Why does something have to be "better" than this or "worse" than that?

They're different games, sure the genre is the same but that is where the similarities end.

Personally, I imagine I'll be juggling and enjoying both :)

SlappingOysters3843d ago

because many people have to choose between buying one, or the other.

JsonHenry3843d ago

Who the hell is playing Frontlines?

gall0t6713843d ago

@json henry
hahahahahahha exactly what i was saying when i finished reading.

who in the hell is playing frontlines?

Tarasque3843d ago

Well thats to bad for dice, cause anything that EA has there name on i wont buy. And to the guy that was talking about frontlines, i know there is at least 50 people playing it. I rented it and played 1 50 player match then i sent it back to gamefly.

gameraxis3843d ago

but unless they fixed the frame rate i wouldn't say it stands a chance (for those who do want to compare)

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P4KY B3843d ago

And then COD5 beats Bad Company and so on and so on.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3843d ago

I hope it's a friendly competition like COD4 and Halo 3, it will keep pushing them.

Richdad3843d ago

Are beter than COD4. But yeah the trend always change with so many games competition is too much.

GAMExxOVER3843d ago

I have been playing Bad company beta and maxed out on rank, have alos put alot of time into COD4, Bad Company Graphics are not better than COD4. COD4 graphics are much better, Bad company graphics seem the same as BF2. I realy dont see the difference, But it does have very nice Sound, The explosions have real depth to them.

replikka3843d ago

this game will have lots of flaws, come's EA we r talking about here. u should know better.....shame on all of u

predator3843d ago

DICE are actually good, EA is just publishing it

GAMExxOVER3843d ago

Actualy its DICE that has decided to not have open team chat in the game, have only 1 game mode, no clan support etc. I wish the game was made by EA developers.

BeaArthur3843d ago

You are joking right? I played about 15 minutes of the beta and then deleted it; I have 3+ days logged on CoD 4. This is no contest.

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The story is too old to be commented.