Oh, So That's Nintendo's Next Move

US Gamer - Nintendo's price cuts and new hardware announcements offer some surprises, but certainly nothing out of character.

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Angerfist1870d ago

Maybe their next really new Hardware will be something amazing but in times of powerful tablets that can play and do so much more its hard to find a niche for Nintendo again, touch controls are now standard and so are solid Graphics. Nintendo will certainly not go the way of Sega, Nintendo is too centered around for Kids in that market

R00bot1870d ago

Solid graphics are standard?

The Wii, DS and 3DS didn't need solid graphics.

Touch controls are standard?

The Wii U, 3DS, and DS all have touch controls (DS had touch screens before the iPhone/iPod/iPad).

Angerfist1870d ago

with probably a Billion Devices with Touch Controls i call them Standard, and just look at the price point you get decent Tablets with solid Graphics for prices below a 3DS, Handhelds are outdated.