Gamestop Expo – Microsoft Q&A

After Sony’s impressive conference, Microsoft took the stage, almost immediately introducing Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) to the stage; they only had half an hour to work with, so they moved along quickly.

Due to their small timeframe, and due to the fact that there would be plenty of playable demos on the show floor, Microsoft had decided to run a purely Q&A session in lieu of a prepared conference with trailers.

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Muerte24941874d ago

more like November 22nd launch date for Xbox One. EA still hasn't received finalized devkits from Micosoft.

Their still using PC/windows8/E3 build.

A week after ps4 launch won't really matter.

UltimateMaster1874d ago

Oh trust me, a week will matter enormously.
Xbox Fanboys who would loose the console generation will look back and blame that 1 week head start.
Yeah, some of them are that f*cking dumb...

MatriXcian1874d ago

I dont think its coming out in november at all i think wed be lucky if we see it released before christmas. Microsoft seems to be very unprepared this gen I wonder if they expected Sony to release so soon.