Is Warcraft the World's Biggest Company?

World of Warcraft is obviously the world's biggest MMORPG but could it be bigger than some Fortune 500 businesses. With WoW bringing in over $400 Billion in 2007 it can be compared to some of the most powerful and largest companies in the world. Some find it silly for World of Warcraft to be put in the same league as oil giants such as Shell, and ExxonMobil. but now that the gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry it may not be nonsense at all. Even though playing World of Warcraft requires a monthly fee of 15 dollars it is easy for the average player to make money by selling their high level characters and even rare virtual items on popular sites such as eBay and iOffer. The virtual community will only continue to grow and the wealth of Blizzard entertainment will only continue to prosper.

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nix3841d ago

400 BILLION??? wow!

Regret3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

400bil, no way.


Millions is possible :/

TheSadTruth3840d ago

Unfortunately for Blizzard, releasing new video games is going to lead to the slow demise of World of Warcraft. Starcraft II will take a chunk of the playerbase and any subsequent game they release will chip away it (Diablo 3 would kill WoW). Fortunately for us, they care more about their fans then money, otherwise they would just stick with WoW for the next decade.

Fishy Fingers3840d ago

I thought that to, but if you do the math. WOW has over 10 million subscribers all paying $15 a month, thats $150 million a MONTH.

loftygaming3840d ago

I Am serius FOUR HUNDRED BILLION if you do not believe me check out the source website just think about expansion pacs and people who buy subscriptions for a month or two and never play again that add up to waaay over 10 mil

tplarkin73840d ago

$150 million/month x 12 = 1.8 Billion

This is assuming that they have a steady 10 million paying subscribers. That is not likely. $400 million makes much more sense.

Fishy Fingers3840d ago

World of Warcraft alone confirms PC gaming is not dead. Although it's not my cup of tea.

$400 billion, I bet thats more than Sony and MS made combined (from their gaming departments)

alcaponedya3840d ago

is too busy milking WOW to be serious about sc2 and diablo3

tyrile3840d ago

If you divide 400 billion by 15 and then by 12 you get the number of people required to play WoW for a full year. And that would be 2.2 Billion people, which would be over 1/3 of humanity.

alcaponedya3840d ago

how long has wow been out?
4x12x15x 10,000,000 = 7 200 000 000

Nolando3840d ago

brought in around 1.7 billion to 2 billion, 400 billion is way too much...

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