Nintendo Life - Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Review

Nintendo Life - Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was nothing short of a phenomenon. If you're old enough to remember when the game hit the Super Nintendo two decades ago then you may recall it as all you ever thought of or spoke about for weeks on end. The gaming world seemed to gravitate around Capcom's seminal one-on-one brawler, which had conquered the arcades and was a massive exclusive for Nintendo's 16-bit home system. Imported Japanese versions of the game changed hands for insane amounts of money and all manner of merchandise appeared — including a laughable Hollywood adaptation starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Aussie pop star Kylie Minogue. Street Fighter II was one of those games which captured the imagination of players all over the world, and the fact that Capcom is still profiting from its popularity all these years later is testament to how massive it was at launch.

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