Facebook and Unity: 90 million gamers can't be wrong

GI - George Lee on refining Facebook's core game experience to open the door for Unity developers.

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LordDhampire1876d ago

yes they can

you'd be surprised how dumb gamers are

The_Truth_24_71876d ago

Exactly. Just look at the Nintendo fanboys.

grimmweisse1876d ago

I'll rephrase that for you, "Just look at fanboys in general".

Mounce1876d ago

Idunno. Nintendo and Xbox fanboys are the dumbest of the herd from my experiences.

While PC and Sony fanboys are either mature or the contrast of being extremely cocky and blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night! Bliiiinded by the light~

Bobby Kotex1876d ago

The collective intelligence of gamers is pretty much 'full retard'.

Aleithian1876d ago

Why not? Billions of people are wrong about the existence of God. And if you believe in God, then just reverse it: you think billions of people are wrong about God's non-existence.

Either way, numbers are irrelevant when determining the truth or rightness of something.

Hicken1876d ago

Remember how most of Europe thought the world was flat? Based on their numbers, they shouldn't have been wrong, right? The Earth should be the center of the universe cuz they all said so, right?

You are absolutely correct that numbers do not determine right and wrong, truth and falsehood.

... kinda. I guess if the whole world says you're crazy, even if you're the sane one, then you're the same as crazy since all others think differently.

In this case, the majority is setting the standard for what is "right." But that's really a societal definition, not a TRUE definition.