IGN - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Review

IGN - Brimming with potential, TMNT: Out of the Shadows has the Turtle Power vibe, but not the polish or execution needed to back it up.

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ironfist921877d ago

Maybe it shouldve stayed in the shadows...

fsfsxii1877d ago

Well, it looked promising.

Williamson1877d ago

A tmnt game similar to the batman arkham games with the dark tone of the comics is what I really want.

TalesofDalton1877d ago

I'm reviewing this right now, and I will just say this: Aside from the tacked on level up system, all of the games issues are performance based. Not enough memory for wire maps causing clipping and bad hit detections. The frame rate just above unplayable (AVG 15fps), which causes timing based combat to be impossible, and the sound sync is off because DX9 is used for Direct sound(low fps causes audio lag.

I will also say this: wait for the PC version, it might fix all the major problems(or can be modded to in the .INI.

bestofthebest1876d ago

This game is really not as bad as all the reviews are making it out to be. Just played an hour of it and enjoyed it, it does lack polish but is playable so far.