New GTA V Banshee Pics and Contest Details

Some new pictures of the GTA V themed Banshee created by West Coast Customs as well as details on how you could win the car.

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mafiahajeri1899d ago

Agree if you would always go to the car show room next to 8-balls Autoyard to get the banshee... Ahhhh good times!

LAWSON721898d ago

A disagree, some people just must have missed out

GamingManiac1898d ago

You're agrees should be over 9000 by now!!!

koh1898d ago

Why try to win this quarter-million dollar car when you can wait until someone else does and then just steal it from them? You probably won't even get a star

GamingManiac1898d ago

Canada never gets to enter in these awesome sweepstakes. :( time to move to cali!

chikane1898d ago

isn't the Banshee modal after the Dodge Viper? cause it does remind me of that car