Dragon Quest V Screens

07-17-2008 is when it hits Japan. Save your pennies!

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gEnKiE3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I can't wait till this is released. I've been waiting for a new RPG to play on the DS.

PS360WII3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Yeah for sure RPGs are great! Have you played Rings or Fate or Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer? Both RPGs and both came out resently plus The World Ends with You and Rondo Swords is coming out this month ^^

Before DQV comes out they need to release IV outside of Japan :( why's it taking so long...

AllroundGamer3843d ago

i liked DQ Monsters Joker a lot, but i hope they will make a DQ game for the PS3.

bootsielon3843d ago

If you're talking about a titles that's almost 10 years old that came for Gameboy color, then it's a horribly repetitive game. I liked it the first few hours, but then it got lame after having so many diffferent creatures but with ultimately never changing gameplay.

PS360WII3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Won't happen for awhile if they do. The last bits of DQ stuff have been on DS mainly and a spin off on the Wii. Remakes of DQIV-VI are on the DS along with the newest version DQIX coming out on the DS. Rocket Slime and Dragon Quest Swords were on DS and Wii respectivly.

Maybe DQX will be PS3 but that won't come out for 5 or more years or perhaps a spin off heck maybe the next Dragon Quest Monsters will be PS3..?

edit: yeah recent boot. DQM: Joker came out on DS about a 2 or so months ago

AllroundGamer3843d ago

yeah i know they are now concentrating on the Nintendo platforms, but i would like to see a DQ game with nextgen graphics, and there is a greater chance it would come to PS3, than to the Xbox360...

PS360WII3843d ago

"and there is a greater chance it would come to PS3, than to the Xbox360..."

heh you got that right! I was just saying that if it was going to happen it wouldn't be for a bit. I certainly wouldn't mind more DQ titles ^^ but I think the director of the series already said his graphical want of the game peaked on 7... at least I think so

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