Battlefield 4 creative director: 'We underestimated console gamers'

MMGN writes: In an interview with MMGN at Gamescom, Battlefield 4 creative director Lars Gustavsson said the renowned game maker had learnt from its mistakes, having designed Battlefield gamers for a console audience that is far more "hardcore" than the development team originally thought.

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M-M1876d ago

Lol I said that in my head right after I saw the title.

piroh1875d ago

i forgive you Dice, still KillZone SF all the way for me

SolidStoner1875d ago

^ Killzone is great and all, but damn BF is whole different game... Battlefield 4 for PS4 will rock...

NewMonday1875d ago


I'm getting both, with the PS4 you can switch between KZ and BF4 matches in seconds, it is even faster than loading a MP map within a single game in the current generation.

b163o11875d ago

I'm always amazed how people disagree with facts, hell you can watch your friends in both games, and look and see with is the better game to join before deciding. That's a plus in my book SONY!

Irishguy951875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Its hard to fault them when you see games that don't even try with gameplay and get away with it.


64 players
large and small maps
lots of vehicles
air combat, sea combat
Dynamic weather in multi which affects maps such as a tidal wave

Do you know what KZ added to its already unimpressive list of features? Bullet time. KZ is doing exactly what its supposed to and nothing more "lets wow them and show off the graphics we can pull off all while having decent gameplay"

Cod? Fish Ai "the fans will love Fish AI! And since our fans don't play games they won't know Fish Ai has been around for 15 lucky are we?"

While Halo actually has some impressive features, Halo 4 added nothing and made the gameplay worse than Bungie could do.

Hey B16...Could say the same about Titanfall, however I won' i'm not stupid enough to pick and choose between exclusives at this point in time, since you know...X1 has more and of better quality at that.

GentlemenRUs1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


Do you XBOTS ever give up trolling about the PS4?

Nobody cares about what console you prefer and what you think of games... Just enjoy what you get and not go trolling over a console...

I like PS4
You like XBONE

Do I care? No.
Does the Public? No.

EDIT: Laughing at you Irishguy95 xD

Irishguy951875d ago

No need to be so defensive GentlemenRus, I already said i'm getting a Ps4 first for various reasons. I'm not stupid enough to lie to myself about the games coming out for both though

Maddens Raiders1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

[piroh + 6h ago
i forgive you Dice, still KillZone SF all the way for me.]

I'll still be getting both but hell yeah...
Well said.

+1 bubble

Abdou0231875d ago

@ piroh

2 different games, why not enjoy both ?!

UltimateMaster1875d ago

"It's on Medium settings for PS4."
How much people exactly will actually use the High Settings on PC?

The next-gen consoles already beats the majority of consumer's current PC rigs.
Unless you've invested 1000s on a new PC, you're probably going to use medium on a PC as well.
Most people has 8-cores, rare are those who do have 12-cores.

Dice used that same excuse the last time on last gen consoles and they still are trying to say that the only relevant system is the PC because you can upgrade it piece by piece.

But the PS4 is 10 times stronger than a PS3, it's beasting my new PC which I bought little b4 the announce of the PS4 which cost me near 1000$.

Who the hell on earth will be able to actually be able to use that mystical "High" Settings? Millionaires with too much money to waste on PC Hardware?

It's about time you realize to what market your selling your games to...

And if you can't really bring that next-gen experience to consoles, others will: Killzone Shadow Fall and probably Halo too (Even tough we haven't seen much of it)

1875d ago
tordavis1875d ago

@ultimatemaster - "But the PS4 is 10 times stronger than a PS3, it's beasting my new PC which I bought little b4 the announce of the PS4 which cost me near 1000$. "

If the PS4 is beasting your $1000 PC, I feel sorry for you. I run BF3 on Ultra on a PC I built 5 years ago. You must be doing something wrong. Oo

UltimateMaster1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Exactly what I was saying.

Dice is simply putting Zero effort in the console version of the game.

Other games will beat Battlefield 4 and Killzone SF is a great example of that.

Hell, most PC gamers are envious of not being able to get KZ SF for PCs

It's not about what it is, it's what you do with it.
Example: The Wii U is "Technically" a HD console, but they serve us the same Miis that's on the Wii...
Likewise, The Last of Us almost feels next-gen.

And Graphics and Hardware aren't that relevant compared to the actual game play and overall quality of the game.

RumbleFish1875d ago

Killzone SF is a must have and so is BF4 on PC. I want it all and I want it now!

Yukicore1875d ago

Hey, can you please update me on what's up with consoles and BF4? I would really appreciate it. :)

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3-4-51876d ago

Basically, consoles are getting EXACT same experience, rather than a lesser experience.

This game and a few others have so much potential.

yeahokchief1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Idk. I'm still going to wait and see. Lost a lot of faith after BF3.

This looks like what BF3 should have been, but i'm still certain that they're going to rape us with the DLC prices if I buy it full price at launch.

I mean if they can't get good parity NOW while the next gen is fresh then it will only be worse in the years to come. So I'd hope this one will be good if you're a battlefield fan.

dougr1875d ago

All the killzones have been awful, hopefully with the playstation 4, Socom, the real Socom, makes a return, so that we can finally get a real shooter that takes skill and strategy. I'll also be skipping battlefield 4 as it is just a mindless shooter. I'd love a return of a shooter that was non respawn.

die_fiend1875d ago

All Killzone's have been awful?!
I never played KZ1 but 2 and 3 certainly weren't awful you silly lil troll. Battlefield isn't mindless play as a team or you fail. Maybe you're confusing it with another military shooter? Have you played a battlefield game or just decided all of this?

dougr1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I'm not a troll at all. Every Killzone has been terrible. And if you think you have to play as a team on battlefield to win you are full of it. Bring back Socom, the only shooter that actually required skill, creativity, and brains to be good at. I can't speak on the xbox side, as I've never played GOW, Halo, or any other shooter that they have, but on the playstation side, sadly Killzone is garbage. Even Socom 4, a terrible, terrible game, had more interesting multiplayer than Killzone 2 or 3. We won't talk about killzone 1 though, that was a whole different type of terribleness.

Wni01875d ago

Socom is the best out of these 3 for teamwork, but stop saying games you dont like suck.

Killzone has a different feel to multiplayer as does BF.

Socom will never be the end all be all mumtiplayer game it once was - just like Timeplitters arcadey greatness will never come back. Stop living in the past.

pixelsword1875d ago


All of the killzones have been sooooo awful that people

-copied the look of the Helghasts (I know about the Jin-Roh look, but since Hunk from Resident Evil came out a year before Jin-Roh [that, and the fact that the Nazi party existed since the 20's, of which the Helghast, Jin-Roh, and probably Hunk were probably based on] I have to look at the whole appearance of the Helghasts having modern and not Nazi helmets, the "lens for eyes" look instead of the glass of resident evil and the mere glow of Jin-Roh, and a modern battle suit instead of "insect-like" armor; which was emulated in multiple games from that point [unlike people saying that everyone copied Gears of War irregardless that GoW is a direct copy of kill.switch without variance in terms of it's style of control or movement])

-copied the first person cover system (again, people will try to bring up winback, or House of the Dead (?) game but again, see the GeoW reference: Killzone 2 is distinct in that you don't see a first-person off-rails game that has a cover system like K2 until K2)

-copied the brutal melee

-copied the precise bullet damage system (shoot someone in a particular part of the body and it reacts)

That, and the three games had a good story/characters to the degree that Killzone even won me over Halo because the series got better and better while Halo got progressively worse and worse; for me, the first two Halo games were the best and unless Halo 5 corrects all the rest, I don't think these new guys will ever get the game back on track.

T21875d ago

Thing about socom is its more the community that made it more than the actual game ... it was a great game but if you think bf requires no teamwork, you are doin it wrong

Bolts1875d ago

Killzone 2 was great, Killzone 3 however was absolutely shit. From what I've seen of Killzone 4 multiplayer it's shit too. Those deployable blue force fields are cheesy as hell, they shouldn't be in multiplayer. Overall this franchise have proven to be nothing more than a series of pretty tech demos and bullet points, that's why this it never resonated with PS fans like Uncharted and Infamous did.

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FlyingFoxy1875d ago


Common misconception that a good gaming PC is very expensive, i always spend around £1,000 on a full upgrade but for good reason. You can get away with just £600-£700 on the base unit alone and be good for games,the trouble with console games is that you don't know whether the alleged 60fps is average or constant.

More often than not it's the average frame rate, meaning that it can drop below the stated fps. This is why often we hear of console games getting frame rate dips in some areas. Sure PC gets that as well but to a lesser extent.

it's only inital cost that is more with a PC, with console you pay more for games and have subscription fees.

webeblazing1875d ago

its funny the only things i see console gamers complaining about is gfx. everyone is getting the same gameplay features, so really whats the reason for complaining. i know yall want these console to b push to the limit. ne too, but it can be a point when your taking it too far

joe901875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

He means....Oh crap, we made these console gamers angry by saying there version is the shittest, lets pretend we didn't mean it and call them "Hardcore" so they buy our game.

You guys are such suckers.

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Rimeskeem1876d ago

we are important too dammit

The_Truth_24_71876d ago

That's why COD > BF. Activision didn't underestimate console gamers.

BozoLoco1876d ago

No, they underestimated PC gamers instead...

CaptainFaisal1876d ago

No they didnt! They gave you dedicated servers, mod support, WTF are you talking about!

chaldo1876d ago

Um. They definitely did with the PS3 versions. Especially Black Ops 2. GG though.

Shadonic1876d ago

No they constantly underestimate gamers, just that there fans are already too blinded by there success to realize it, like Beiber fans >.>

1OddWorld1876d ago

O-snap. Connecting Call of Doodie to the Beibs lol

Stupid Beiber

twinspectre1876d ago

i hate COD and i hate BF
BF and COD fanboys are Similiar to Bieber Fans

Vip3r1876d ago

No, they milk them with the same game every year.

TheSsus1876d ago

That only applies to CoD son.

Vip3r1876d ago

That's who I was talking about, son.

KONAAs1876d ago

so who is the mom or the dad? both cant be sons :/

Ace_Pheonix1876d ago

No, Activision makes games for the most casual of casuals. You don't have to be good at games at all to be good at COD, which is why it does so well. There's a huge amount of people that know nothing about games, call themselves "hardcore", all because they spend countless hours pretending to be cool on COD.

BoriboyShoGUN1876d ago

exactly!!!! thats why they keep adding cheap garbage ways to get kills. So these little kids or scrubs can still feel like theyre doing something. COD is dead to me we had a good run though :(

AceBlazer131875d ago

Ikr.Target finder? Really?

BoriboyShoGUN1875d ago

the list goes on Heart beat sensors, thermals in daylight??, target finders, that dam remote control car! Like geez whatever happen to pulling out a weapon and just being better or faster then the other guy. DEATH STREAKS!!! WTF!!

iistuii1875d ago

Disagree, & agree. Agree anyone can get a kill, making it fun for even the noob player, but I'm sorry, you've gotta be good to finish top against these kids. Play against a seasoned player as a casual & you will never finish top.

1875d ago
princejb1341875d ago

i disagree, COD can get challenging depending with who you play with
my cousin is an awesome Halo player but when he started paying black ops 1 with me back when it was released he was terrible at it and constantly kept dying. On the other hand im not a big halo fan but i got top 3 in a team deathmatch game on halo 3

Jiggins991875d ago

cod kind of trained me for shooters. other than timesplitters on the ps2, cod was the only shooter game i played for years and then i played others like battlefield and i can finish top after just a couple of games to get used to it.
your right though, cod is too easy, when i decide to go on i can use the crappiest guns and finish first with ease, the kids are just too easy to read

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MysticStrummer1875d ago

"Activision didn't underestimate console gamers."

It would be hard to underestimate CoD fans. They're about as basic as it gets in gaming, at least in the FPS category.

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WeAreLegion1876d ago

A great number of console gamers are also PC gamers. I'm definitely one of them.

0ut1awed1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Yup, although I had to sell my 360 and ps3 about two years ago becuase the horepower distance grew way to vast for me personally.

I can't wait to pick up a ps4 but it also kind of scares me. I mean I'm already gaming at 1440p (almost twice the resolution of 1080p) with 100+fps in most games and mass 4k pc gaming is only a year or two around the corner. Yet the ps4 looks like it might be able to push up to 1080p at best with maybe 60fps. Even if it's able to do that it won't be until years down the road with loads of optimization.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that I'll be able to enjoy the ps4 for at least a solid two or three years.

Now lets see those dislikes come in from console gamers that have never owned a gaming pc and have no idea of where I am coming from. Lol I'm not even bashing the consoles, just being realistic. They do a damn good job for what they are. You just have to realize that I'm comparing a $400 console coming out now to say a $2.5k gaming machine 2 years down the road.

ThatCanadianGuy5141876d ago

"Now lets see those dislikes come in from console gamers that have never owned a gaming pc and have no idea of where I am coming from"

The dissagres will come.Because you don't make any sense at all.

You seem to be under to impression that consoles are all about horse power for some reason.Everyone knows PC's have that advantage, because you can swap out specs.Consoles are for console exclusive games and for people who don't care about settings, optimizations, upgrades etc.

The idea that you had to trade in your consoles because they can't match PC specs is just ridiculous.And honestly, just sounds like typical PC elitist gloating at this point.

Having switched from being a longtime PC gamer myself, down to consoles, the one thing i certainly don't miss is the PC guys like you in every lobby boasting about their beastly rigs.


Conzul1876d ago

Yeah, you go ahead and enjoy all of those emotional, story driven tech-demos with unforgettable characters and gameplay....

OMG teh grafix! Doze console nubs don't know what they're missing!!!
LOL, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and Sony Santa Monica say Hi.

gobluesamg1876d ago

Damn Outlawed got owned right there!

JsonHenry1876d ago

I understand you perfectly Out1awed. The past 2 years or so it is really hard to play on consoles when the multiplat version on the PC is just so much more appealing to the eye.

And in the case of BF3.. they are different games on the console than they are on the PC. I mean completely different.

It isn't that we PC gamers think console gaming is about horsepower. But when you've got a new supped up Bugatti in the garage do you really want to take out the decade old domestic car you've got? Not very often.

0ut1awed1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

@ DayZ
You completely read into what I was commenting on. It was simply my opinion from my point if view. I realize what consles are and who they are marketed to. I didn't say everyone else would or should notice the difference...

Your making my comment seem like I said "Nobody should ever buy a console over a pc!" which couldn't be farther from the truth. I specifically said "I'm not even bashing consoles, just being realistic. Consoles do a damn good job for what they are." Again that just falls on you reading int my comment which I can't really blame you for since everyone on n4g seems to have a agenda to push their opinions on everyone else.

I made a comment. It wasn't an argument or even a suggestion.

Also im typing this from my Vita. Hows that for PC elitism? :)

@ conzul
I tired of single player games probably around the same time the 360 and ps3 came out so im good to go :)

I've played tons but fnished very few since then. Something about interacting with AI just bores me very quickly.

Even so, if you think pc isn't getting it's fair share of emotional single player love then you need to educate yourself.

Exactly my friend.

SonyAddict1876d ago

I spent a whole lot more on my haswell pc , 3000 sterling pounds,so what's that in dollars?..are you jealous!?.

0ut1awed1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )


I thought i emphasised thay wasn't the point, just to words put in my mouth by dayz.

But if you wqnt to go tha route sure. The $2.5k figure was arbitrary and simply usd to make a point. I have a 3930k under a custom h20 loop so no, I'm not very jelly. :)

Killco1875d ago

I'm a console gamer and even i know it. WAY too many jumped up fanboys on this site...

Hicken1875d ago

But your comment is all about consoles not doing things they're not supposed to do, anyway.

You're scared of getting a PS4 because it won't be doing 1440p and 100fps? Why the hell does that even matter? You're not getting a PS4 for PC specs. You're not getting an XB1 for horsepower comparable to your PC.

It's obvious that you DON'T get the purpose of consoles, and DayZ is spot on. Conzul details what you're missing, too. Those are the things you should be buying consoles for. Not for the similarity in capability to your PC.

Nobody misunderstood anything but you.

0ut1awed1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Alrighty then, even though I expressed multiple times that my comment had nothing to do with what consoles were intended for.

It was a comment about MY personal dilemma of wanting to enjoy video games in all forms, that's it

But of course, what am I thinking? It's N4G, everyone wants to turn everything into a argument...

Bolts1875d ago

Yeah instead of boasting about rigs and benchmarks you get to listen to nonsense like "the power of The Cell" and "the PS 4 superior GPU" or my personal favorite, "only possible with clouds". Lol.

Oh yeah, the enlighted world of console gaming and the joys of parroting marketing catch phrases like a fanboy.

Greatness awaits!!

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wtopez1876d ago


Bubble for well said.


Thank you! I will enjoy them! I'll also enjoy the games from my PS2 and Gamecube collection which I can rip and play at will on my PC and in true @1080p. Plus all the the emulators which allow me to play my favorite games from when I was a kid like all the Metroids and Zeldas and Marios and Final Fantasies. And all those multi-platform games that run and look better on PC than on current-gen consoles (all the Crysis and Dead Spaces and Mass Effects and Battlefields and Elder Scrolls and so on) and also cost a lot less. I'll also enjoy RTS games like say, Starcraft 2 or Company of Heroes or Sins of a Solar Empire or the Total War series. I admit I'm not into MOBAs but the option is there if I'm ever interested and for free. And when the new consoles are out and all those cool-looking new games like AC4, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 and Titanfall are out, I will enjoy them as well without having to move from system. You say Sony SM, Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch say Hi? Well say Hi to them for me! Especially ND. Really liked TLoU but nothing can touch Uncharted 2. Like WeAreLegion wrote, PC gamers can also be console gamers.

AceBlazer131875d ago

Oh you pc gamers.always pirating and shit.if it were left to you guys devs would've left the gaming business a Long long time ago.

wtopez1875d ago


Ah yes the proverbial piracy card. Piracy has actually gone down a whole bunch in the past few years due to the convenience of services like Steam, the competitive pricing of a mostly digital market and the savings that result from said market. Piracy is not exclusive to PC. Consoles suffer from it too. But what really hurts the developers is the used game sales market. So PC still has piracy, but consoles have piracy and used game sales and both generate as much money for the publisher and developer; a whole lot of nothing. If developers where to leave the business because of a platform, PC would definitely not be it.

ABeastNamedTariq1876d ago

Hell yeah you did!