Galak-Z Off-Screen Gameplay at PAX Prime 2013

A short off-screen gameplay video of Galak-Z, a fast and kinetic spaceship shooter from 17 BIT for the PS4 and Steam.

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Enemy1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

How could anyone not be hyped as #%@$ for this? Nothing but good press, open world, 60fps from the looks of it. This and Resogun = HYYYYYPE

RedSoakedSponge1870d ago

does look like my kind of game! is there any proper footage of this?

Mini05101870d ago

hahaha LOL I like how you are trolling your ass off and then got mad over nothing in our PM.

suuure I'm the one butthurt. You are the one trash talking other people. I bet you are shit at both games.

And I don't think cod devs or activision ever claimed cod to be military. That's Medal of Honor, kid. Nice try trolling.
Seems like you are getting worse at it. A for effort!