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The Video Game Network -As I sit here on this sunny morning writing this Cloudberry Kingdom review, I can’t help but reminisce of the good ol’ days. The days where I would wake up extra early, just so I could continue my journey in whatever game I was playing the night before. This was usually Super Mario World or Earthworm Jim for the Super Nintendo. Cloudberry Kingdom takes me back to those days of glory that I cherish so dearly.

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C-Thunder1875d ago

This game is pretty cool, I quite enjoy it. There is something I find odd about the way the characters jump feels though, like the momentum stops instantly when you let off the jump button. Anyone else feel this or is it me?

techologie1875d ago

I felt the exact same way. I guess not as precise as I wanted it to be

Benjammin251875d ago

Yeah I noticed that. Reminds me of Sonic 4. God that game controlled terribly.