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Sony and Microsoft have made no effort to refrain from one-upping each other over the years. With the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, it was clear from the start that Sony had the edge, what with its impressive exclusives, loads of niche titles, and rad original properties.

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ABeastNamedTariq1926d ago

Stick with? I never strayed lol.

Abash1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I have never just stuck with PlayStation, but I have always preferred it more than any other of my consoles.

PS4 will once again make PlayStation my main gaming platform, but I'll get the others eventually for what they offer

ABeastNamedTariq1926d ago

Same with me. I like Xbox's stuff too, but it's PS for me first and foremost.

Skips1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

"Five reasons to stick with the PS4"

2 of them are good enough for me...

- Guaranteed support throughout the generation.

- Sony's studios > ...

Xbone somewhere down the line, for exclusives...used and cheap though, considering I probably won't get much play time off of it.

xHeavYx1926d ago

Not like I need someone to convince me to get the most powerful gaming console

AngryTypingGuy1925d ago

The Instant Game Collection is another huge incentive to stick with PlayStation.

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corvusmd1926d ago

That's obvious, you're one of the biggest Sony fanboys out there

HammadTheBeast1926d ago

Xbot accusing others of being a fanboy.

" True, and how since part of how the cloud is superior is that you have unlimited saving space on the cloud and 2 gb on gaikai...when it on XB1 you never need to switch a hard drive...and that you can save games on external hard drives if you wish#2.2"

Here's a comment of yours from a few hours ago.

Apparently, you think the "unlimited powah of the clowd" means that you'll never need to switch your HDD, cause you can just save everything to the cloud. Lol. If that's true, why put a HDD in the XbO at all? The cloud can't handle that?

AbortMission1925d ago

Pot: Shut up you BLACK kettle!

Kettle: *facepalm*

Lol you butthurt or what?

ABeastNamedTariq1925d ago

HAHA! Yeah, okay. Keep dreaming bud. I like and will buy both, but I prefer Sony. GTFO, lmao.

You got me rollin' man lol.

FamilyGuy1926d ago

Same here though I like Nintendos 1st party titles so I always look their way. Never picked up the Wii but fully intend to get the Wii-U some day.

ABeastNamedTariq1925d ago

I'll be getting a Wii U as soon as Smash Bros. come out, haha. Can't live without it.

Freedomland1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

All my life, i have been playing Playstation and next gen will not be different but here i must admit that i had to buy xbox1 original only because of Jade Empire, Phantom Dust, Half life 2 and Ninja Gaiden, i still have these 4 titles and xbox, after that, to me xbox never existed.

mistertwoturbo1925d ago

Safe to say at this point, people don't need more convincing. People who's going to buy a PS4 will buy a PS4. People who's going to buy a Xbox One will buy it.

FamilyGuy1925d ago

I have an on-the-fence friend at work that just got swayed away from the X1 after hearing that MS has no free game plan for the people that pre-ordered out here in the U.S.

The Fifa thing was tempting him more to their side thinking the U.S. would get something similar. On top of that he's currently a 360 gamer with 360 friends but InFamous, the price difference and all the positive PS4 news had him considering the PS4.

Now he's pretty much set on PS4 unless something big gets announced from MS.
Point being, there are still some people out their that need convincing in one direction or another.

mistertwoturbo1925d ago

^I see, but a majority of people don't.

As for me I wish I could get both like I did last generation (or all 3 since I mostly play on PC) but for some reason I could see myself without an Xbox this generation. I had the original Xbox, and two 360s.

But I see myself needing a PS4 because of all the first party games that WILL come out eventually that can't be had anywhere else.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1925d ago

Just look at ps3 that is a reason! Sony support is amazing. The Last Of Us = goty..

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Kingthrash3601926d ago

ill get both....but ps4 is my living room ruler, and launch buy. ill get xb1 after a year or two depending on if they have good hardware no rrod and for exclusive games only....except ryse....trash

FlameHawk1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

It's really funny how people are saying the PS4 is just about indies, but just ignore indies right now and pretend they never exist, now we all know the Sony has the most first party studios and WILL have more real AAA exclusives. Now lets bring the indies in, we know that it has way more indie support than the Xbox One, now what is better, A bunch of AAA REAL exclusive games + Indies or Halo, Forza, and Fable and barely any indie support?

ape0071926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

imo playstation is bigger than just ND, when i remember playstation i remember GTA, DMC ,GT,FF,MGS, MoH, Red faction, Timeplitters, rachet, sly, crash, tombraider, Tony hawk, and also .....ND games

Jiggins991926d ago

i would kill for a new timesplitters game on ps4

showtimefolks1926d ago

seriously all day long we have articles 5 reasons to buy ps4 or xbox one, why do people have to justify their purchase

i am buying ps4 but that's because of me being a long time sony fan, but i don't think anyone is doing anything wrong if they choose xbox one

hopefully competition between the 2 will bring some awesome games/service to both consoles

BigShotSmoov0071926d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. The more intense the competition is, the more gamers benefits. I hope they go at it for years and years to come and spend more and more money to please us.

showtimefolks1926d ago

I agree, just imagine the exclusives games and content each will try to deliver

great time to be a gamer