Samurai Gunn On PS4, PS Vita, Is Kill Bill and The Man With the Iron Fist Combined

"An intro to make Quentin Tarantino Proud." States, in this opinion piece regarding the intro trailer of the upcoming indie brawler Samurai Gunn coming to PS4 and PS Vita.

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pedrof931871d ago

"An intro to make Quentin Tarantino Proud."

That intro in from old samurai movies. Quentin Tarantino just made an homage to it.

Eonjay1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

LOL that was awesome. Looks fun and fast paced.
I am buying this. I use games like this to entertain my guests.

NobleRed1871d ago

True indie experience only on ps4.

Enemy1871d ago

Every time I log onto N4G I see a new PS4 game.

MasterCornholio1871d ago

Yep even though they are mostly indie titles some of them look fantastic.

1871d ago
coolasj1871d ago

I've seen the trailer before and I didn't think people would have the patience to sit through the intro.

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