10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles

Arcade Sushi: ''Since we already covered Microsoft, now it’s Sony’s turn in this list of the 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles. For a long time, the PS4 has been selling itself on, “Hey look, we aren’t the Xbox One!” and for a while, that worked. However, Microsoft has pulled a 180 and has provided an absolutely spectacular launch lineup for their new console. So now the PS4 has to sell itself on more than just not instituting draconian DRM policies. Now they have to sell themselves on their actual launch lineup of games. Luckily we have rounded up this list of the 10 Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Titles to help make your next generation console choice easy.''

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tenacity1899d ago

This console war Sony will Ryse through the Kill Zones. Microsoft's Killer Instinct for what gamers want has turned to Ghosts. A Quantum Break might be needed for them to catch Sony. Microsoft has to make this Protect Spark or will we see a once great TitanFall? Seems like Sony has a Knack for good buisness sense.

christrules00411899d ago

Haha very creative. How long did it take you to come up with that?

Destrania1899d ago

I'll probably end up buying every game available at launch at this rate haha. Why can't it be November 15th yet?!

Jaqen_Hghar1899d ago

A man will have too many free games to play to have time to buy anything other than Killzone around launch lol

tenacity1899d ago

Ha. It just comes to me

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