Gamers Temple: SEGA Superstars Tennis PS2- Review

Gamers Temple writes: "Some of the worlds leave you with a mediocre feel or the world is just plain forgettable. The Space Harrier stage tries to mimic the game with its constant enemies that fly at you, but the Space Harrier mini games just aren't that fun. Enemies and objects move toward your character while you try to hit them with tennis balls but the stages get repetitive very quickly. Worlds such as Golden Axe give you a House of the Dead background and force you to fight in a tennis tournament. There is no implication that this is even a Golden Axe world besides the fact that this is where you unlock Gilian."

The Good:
+ Good variety of characters
+ Plenty of mini games

The Bad:
- Some stages don't have the feel of the game that they are supposed to represent
- A bit of slowdown on some stages
- Controls for hitting the ball sometimes don't respond
- Too many Sonic characters. Come on, Sega, give us Hotsuma from Shinobi or a Virtua Fighter!

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