15 Nintendo Games That You Never Got To Play

Official Nintendo Magazine: ''From Mariop to Zelda and Pokemon, find out what happened to some of Nintendo's lost games.''

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Munnkyman1899d ago

What about the hammer game for the wii.

3-4-51899d ago

We really need Mario 64 2.

It's in it's own league, in that the pacing, music and size of levels are just perfect for this 3D platforming experience.

It still hasn't been topped.

If I could play Galaxy 1&2 with NO motion controls, then I may change my mind.

animegamingnerd1899d ago

since it is a click through here is the list in case you don't want to click through them

Star Fox 2
Time Diver: Eon Man
Mega Man Legends 3
Donkey Kong Racing
Knight Wars
Resident Evil 4: Hooked Man Edition
Ghost n' Goblins 64
Super Mario 64 2
Raven Blade
Kid Kirby
The Legend of Zelda: Mystical Seed of Courage
Mer Wars
Pocket Monsters RPG

Chard1899d ago

Ah I remember being really excited for Donkey Kong Racing :(

Agent_00_Revan1899d ago

Saw an article years ago, not sure where, but that like Star Fox 2, there was a Legend of Zelda 3 that was cancelled.

It was right before the SNES and they moved to Link to the Past. But the story was roughly, the Master Sword has been shattered and its pieces had been spread and hidden, and your quest was to find them and reforge the sword.

Unlike Star Fox 2, Zelda 3 was early in development and easier to cancel.

Remy_S1898d ago

We really need a new Starfox.