In the Next Generation of Video Games, Indies are the New Exclusives

Hardcore Gamer - If you followed Gamescon this year, you’ll have no doubt noticed that the word on the lips of every Microsoft,Sony, and Nintendo representative was “indie.” Whether it be Sony revealing that Minecraft, Rogue Legacy, and The Binding of Issac would be part of the PS4 family, Microsoft unveiling a pretty daring new system to encourage indie development, or Nintendo showing that indie developers are fully prepared to make use of the unique capabilities of the Wii U, it became clear that both companies have suddenly realized that indies are no longer a niche market ran by eccentrics and snatched by the gaming version of hipsters, but a viable and exciting source of incredible new ideas, and creative final products.

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thetruthx11899d ago

I hope not. I like different types of games but...

Triple AAA > Indie games

X 100

Pandamobile1899d ago

Triple AAA? You mean AAAAAAAAA?

thetruthx11899d ago

Everyone types triple AAA no one types triple A

Pandamobile1899d ago

Who says "Triple AAA" lol. It's just AAA or Triple A.

Ritsujun1899d ago

Only TTX says Triple AAA.

Mystogan1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Yup this is just a phase. It got blown up. Because Sony supported them so heavily for nextgen while it initially seemed like Microsoft was going for the 360 system. It will just pass by. Maybe we'll enjoy a dozen indie games. But AAAA will always rule.

SuperLupe1899d ago

I agree with you.

Nobody waits for E3 or Gamescom and thinks to himself "Hope they announce a truck load of indies !!" Especially when entering a new gen and stuff.

Indies are alright but thats not what home consoles are for and they have never been about that anyway. Its just a little extra on top of the iceing.

Hicken1899d ago

Based on what? AAA games(not triple AAA, that's stupid) aren't all great. And less and less of them are doing anything interesting or innovative.

So while I definitely love AAA games, I wouldn't put them above indies at all.

Oh, and don't forget: the industry was started by indies.

Gozer1899d ago

I disagree. I didn't spend money any gen because I wanted to play indie games. Most indie games are complete garbage, and I mean its like 100-1. Indie gaming is way over-rated for the next gen.

Hicken1899d ago

Most AAA games are garbage, too. Like 100-1.

It's really not that much of a difference between the two types of games.

The plus side of indie games is that you're not gonna be spending $60 a pop to play them.

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AceBlazer131899d ago

Everyone's gone to rapture,Rime and Sotb look damn great.Indies are definitely gonna shine bright this gen.

younglj011899d ago

indie = more diversity games.Flower should prove too people that any title can become Triple A..

Chuk51899d ago

Indies are blowing up because there's a perfect storm for them to do so. Gone are the era of mid tier games and developers. THQ and others like it are gone; The days of Stranglehold, Enslaved, prototype are finished. The mobile market is drying up. More indies are moving out of the mobile space and headed for a giant hunk of land evacuated by the b-tier for a fraction of the cost and triple the quality, diversity and novelty.

Finally, triple a games have become somewhat homogeneous and safe among third party developers making weird games like papers please and journey standout even starker. Indies are just part of the changing landscape because they are fiscally practical options for publishers like Sony and Steam to really seize.

Ripsta7th1899d ago

The difference here is PRICE , indie games are cheaper

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