Mega Man Designer Says Capcom Hasn't Reacted to New Mega Man-Like Game

Kotaku: ''Last night, Keiji Inafune blew the gaming world's collective mind when he announced Mighty No. 9, a game that closely resembles the iconic Mega Man franchise that he was associated with for more than a decade. Today, he said that he hasn't heard anything from former employer Capcom, the company that owns Mega Man.''

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AceBlazer131871d ago

That's good, if the kickstarter campaign is going well I can see this game on my ps3/4 by the year 2015/6

zeal0us1871d ago

With the way its going they will meet their goal of 900k in a few days.

I think Inafune and his team should consider a PS4 and X1 version because honestly I doubt people with a 360, PS3 in 2015 will be caring about indie games.

AceBlazer131871d ago

Good to hear it's going well.Guess we just need to wait and see how it plays off at this point.

dcj05241871d ago

VITA port. Need a megaman on it.

Ult iMate1871d ago

As long as I'm very glad to see how fans are voting with their money for this game, I still think Inafune asks a little too much money for a 9 stages scroller platform game.
I mean, Project Phoenix asked only $100000 (and got $685000). And it's a JRPG. But Inafune wants 2.5 millions for a console release.
But that only means that demand for a new MegaMan-like game is really high and Capcom is stupid not to meet that demand.

adorie1871d ago

This made me tear up. I have every megaman and X game. I enjoy everything about those games. The music, story lines, characters, art style and how they evolved through the decades.

Megaman was the first Capcom game I played, then it was Gargoyle's Quest II.

I'm glad this video was made, as it shows that the team behind this project has a clear vision for what they want and Kickstarter is proving that people want to see what they have planned- completed.

Modern feel with an echo to the classics of the past, and a game the team wants to make and play, as well as being a service to the fans.

If it's still going next week, I'll throw down 100 dollars. This is something I can back, something I want to back.

nyobzoo1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

hear from capcom for what? it's not like this is the first game out there that looks/plays similar to megaman

fsfsxii1871d ago

Nice way of using teh "FIIIVE" bubbles.
Hey bubbles, i'd treat you better if you come to me.

Blank1871d ago

Yeah I can imagine the fallout and animosity capcom would have on their hands if they stop Comcept LLC from developing this game. No joke my blood boils at the thought of capcom stepping in with a cease and desist letter with an appointment to battle in court over this.

adorie1871d ago

They better not. I'd quit buying their games, no matter how good. Should they even attempt to screw with this project.

My blood boils at the sheer thought!

KwietStorm1871d ago

What if Megaman was your IP? No difference?

Blank1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Okay in a hypothetical world where I own the megaman IP and run capcom I wouldve never let the creator of this IP go so easily thats what would happen if it was my IP which would mean this kickstater wouldnt happen we wouldve had many megaman games, legends, and x series released by now. Thats without mentioning the megaman fanbase hunger would be satiated. But here we are in reality where capcom dropped the ball and the megaman fanbase starving its capcoms fault for not using the megaman IP or even fought harder to keep the creator of megaman. Keiji Inafune is a very talented creative developer with a strong fanbase that follows him with that alone you have a foundation of day one buyers.

Hicken1871d ago

Yeah, if it were my IP, I'd be making money off it, myself. It's not as if the fans haven't been asking for a new Mega Man game or anything. For years, folks have expressed willingness to buy a new Blue Bomber title, and Capcom's squandered every opportunity to do so.

So now, when they've failed to do anything with it, something similar is released and they want to react?

Bad move.

I'm already pissed enough at them for Breath of Fire. All these years, and they make it a PC game? Screw that.

They better not have nothin to say about this game.

KwietStorm1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Fair enough. Just curious.

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Enigma_20991871d ago

Watch... after pissing fans off for so long, Capcom will suddenly announce a new Megaman game.

dredgewalker1871d ago

Most game sequels made without it's original creator usually sucked. This is Capcon we're talking about. The only reason to be pissed at them is that they've ruined a lot of their ip's this generation.

TheFutureIsBlue1871d ago

I really hope Capcom doesn't do that. That is very childish and fans would be pissed. People wouldn't buy it just to spite them. I know I wouldn't. Fuck Capcom.

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