HonestGamers: Dark Sector Review

HonestGamers writes: "Sometimes you can have it both ways. Dark Sector really, really wants to be Gears of War, but it also wants to be a game about a guy who slices people's limbs off with a large circular blade. It does reasonably well with both.

The game was banned in Australia for gratuitous graphic violence, and while I've played gorier games, few seem to truly relish in their carnage like Dark Sector. The protagonist's main method of attack is the glaive, a round, three-pronged weapon that is as deadly at long range as it is up close. In addition to the usual set of guns, Hayden can throw the blade in the heat of battle and watch as it effortlessly cuts through any particularly fleshy targets before pulling a U-turn and soaring back into the hand of its master like a boomerang. There are countless ways to kill your enemies in Dark Sector. Most of them involve the glaive, and all of them end with a splash of fresh, juicy meat."

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sonarus3844d ago

This game suffered from a lot of unnecessary negative reviews. I think it stands out enough to not be classified as a gears clone. No where near as good as gears but still a more than decent game

GCO Gamer3844d ago

personally i think this game was lacking.... alot

sonarus3844d ago

The only fault i found with it really was the story and the controls could have been better. Everything else to me seemed on point. No more no less than what i would have expected.

Harry1903844d ago

through a lot considering the constant delays and all the stuff that goes with such occurrences.

arakouftaian3843d ago

its not re5 but its soemting it will kill my time before re5, im glad taht it star havign betehr poign on teh reviews but i cnat get why they saty the story is not good i guess is ignorance becuz i belive its good bether than spiderman i guess becuz its not someting new they say its not good or thay did just not understand it... i will like 2 see a good movie of this