Final Fantasy 14 Team Didn't Expect So Many Players - PAX 2013 Excapist

Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida said FF14's launch problems are all due to underestimating the excitement.

Way more people wanted to give Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a shot than Square Enix anticipated. After the disastrous launch way back in 2010, FF14:ARR's new director/producer Naoki Yoshida - known to fans as Yoshi-P - said he assumed many Western gamers would let others test the waters first instead of flooding into servers on day one. He was humbled at the response, as he said when I got to speak with him through a translator at PAX Prime 2013. It must be frustrating to have to go through a shaky launch yet again, especially since the buzz from the beta was so strong, but Yoshida still finds himself doing damage control.

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Kte1924d ago

Haha, well this sure does answer for the constant log in problems

FamilyGuy1924d ago

I'm glad they did this complete overhaul and reintroduced the game as ARR. It got tons of positive feedback during the beta so I'm surprised that he's surprised by the uptake. In addition to that we haven't had many big game releases in a while, especially RPGs and for the PS3 specifically what other MMORPGs are there to choose from?

I've personally been waiting 4 years or so for this thing to hit PS3.

pompombrum1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Tbh their expectations were seriously low. Their servers can hold a maximum of 5000 players yet they only have a total of 6 European servers. Among all the different European countries, did they really expect to only get less than 30k people logged in at peak times in the first six months?

Still, I'm glad they're sorting the issues out though and respect Naoki Yoshida's transparency over the last week.

Kte1923d ago

I agree, that insane they really kept the expectation of players that low. I'm sure the hype was loud enough for them to expect the unexpected lol

AznGaara1924d ago

They probably thought since vanilla ff14 failed so bad not that many ppl would get The Realm Reborn. Tell you the truth I really liked the Beta lol

FamilyGuy1924d ago

Exactly, the beta sold this game to a lot of people.
It feels like such a tradition RPG in ways and many old school fans have been waiting on this.

Lucreto1924d ago

I got the game but I will wait a week or 2 before playing to let them fix the problems.

I don't want to lose time waiting to play it.

FamilyGuy1924d ago

It pauses your free first month when you're not playing?

Lucreto1924d ago

I was an early access user as a download but have got the retail copy now. I won't use my free month until I know it is fixed.

Ashlen1924d ago

I bought it after watching someone else play it. I had zero intention to buy it before that but it looked really good so I gave it a go.

I have to say it's pretty solid. Having played a lot of MMO's I can say it's a way more finished product than many MMO's that have been out for years. The extra time they took developing it really shows.

Smoey1924d ago

I love the game. Sure there are server problems (not been able to log on at all today) but the game itself is fun and the community is also great.

Hopefully after Wednesday the servers will be sorted.

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