Infamous; Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall Preview From PAX Prime 2013 at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a preview article of the new Killzone and Infamous games from their press access time at PAX Prime 2013. While only Killzone offered hands on play, both games looked great according to the report.

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yellowgerbil1877d ago

Man I am so hyped for Infamous. both 1 and 2 are in my top ten games of current gen.
check out a infamous themed webcomic I did (shameless self promotion he he)

ZBlacktt1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Game play of Killzone Shadow Fall, Loadout screen play I shot yesterday at PAX. To shoot these videos, I would have guys working the booth come up and tell me I need to show the person playing more. That I cannot just shoot the screen. You can hear one of them come up in like the last video. In the 3rd video I stopped it because one tapped me on the shoulder to tell me this....again. It was like that for many of the top AAA games. You could not film the private showing demo of AC4. Which is mind blowing good.

Killzone Shadow Fall running on Vita's and PS4's. You could play both.

akhmenhawk17, srsly not at all. I do not give a crap about that stuff. I'm just showing you video on the game. Nothing more. Is that not what youtube is used for? If you look at my videos, I cover bodybuilding shows I go to and rock concerts, my back yard...random crap.

akhmenhawk171877d ago

Promoting your channel i see ;)

Destrania1877d ago

Killzone looks so beast!

DoomeDx1877d ago

That last shot is Killzone mercenary

Gold video's though!

KwietStorm1877d ago

They didn't let you record in HD either?

black0o1877d ago

thanks buddy ... and how does the gameply feeel like ?

PinkFunk1877d ago


Well done man! Even though the videos are bad quality, it really does show how good the game is coming along. So many awesome lighting effects, and looks to have the same good gameplay from the KZ series.

ZBlacktt1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Glad everyone liked this. As for the quality. Like I was saying up top, they won't let you sit there and just shoot good game play. Heck they kept stopping me and making sure I'm getting the players in the video. So that you can't pass it off as a leaked copy on the Internet. Many other games you can't film at all.

The Next Gen graphics are VERY clean. Like 1080p clean. When you are shooting players to death in this game. You see blood spraying off them as the bullets rip threw their body.

sourav931877d ago

Great vids buddy. One thing I've noticed from the vids is that KZ definitely seems to be running at frames higher than 30fps. I know youtube can only show 30fps, but the relative increase in frame rate can be seen. Barring a couple of drops, the frame rate does seem smooth, and GG still has a few months to iron out all the kinks. Glad I've pre-ordered it.

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Garethvk1877d ago

I will have a look, I am just taking a break from the convention floor to do some posting but will make sure we get it looked at. I am hoping to be able to scale the Space Needle in game and jump.

Destrania1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I heard you can scale it. Can't wait!

Garethvk1877d ago

It has metal strips along the base almost like a cell tower.

ZBlacktt1877d ago

Good luck, was there all day yesterday. SO MANY PEOPLE!!! Massive packed everywhere on every floor.

scott1821877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

you're playing infamous. I want your job please.....

Edit: read the article, not playable there. :( Sounds like a badass looking game though.

GarrusVakarian1877d ago

Just recently played and finished InFamous 2 and loved it, the electric powers looked awesome (especially the tornado) which have made me really look forward to Second Son. Glad you can have more than one power, cant wait to find out what the others are.

Blastoise1877d ago

So psyched for Shadow fall, haven't been this excited for a fps in ages

Maddens Raiders1877d ago

You and I both. Cannot wait for Shadow Fall.

Destrania1877d ago

While I wish Infamous Second Son was a launch title, I know that open world games especially take a little bit of extra polishing time and it is definitely a game that I don't want rushed (not that I want any game to be rushed haha). I know it will be absolutely amazing when it comes out in the Spring. Plus I have a ton of other amazing Playstation games to play in the meantime.

NateCole1877d ago

There are too many games on launch in anycase. Like to have a steady flow of games after launch

Destrania1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

I only wish it was a launch game because I want to play it so bad haha. Sony always has a steady flow of amazing games.


You're pathetic. GTFO.

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