PAX Prime ’13 Quick Look: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II - Save/Continue

Save/Continue writes:

"With The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II already announced and in development (currently a pre-alpha build exists, but it’s safe to assume that more game exists than what the public knows), what’s in store for those who already ventured with Van Helsing?

After a brief hands-on period with Van Helsing II, it should come as no surprise that the core of the game is left untouched. Using the same engine as its predecessor, VHII is more left to being a touch-up versus a full-fledged sequel, as there will be expanded skill trees, familiar faces, and all-too obvious adventuring."

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Sidology1873d ago

There's basically no reason not to play this if you liked the first game.

Bitsnark1873d ago

It pretty much looks that way.

Nothing wrong with more of the same if more of the same is great.