Feature: Everything That is Wrong With the Modern Gaming Industry

BG - "As someone who has been gaming now for the past 20+ years, I have a chip on my shoulder regarding a lot of things with today’s gaming industry."

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cyguration1875d ago


Day-1 DLC.

Disc-locked content.

Annual sequels that don't offer much of anything new (just there to cash in)

Remakes designed to be like other games that are popular (old-school brands rebranded as FPS or MOBA games just to make money)

And video game journalists who only cover "important" games to keep up with the status quo.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1875d ago

Day 1 dlc... the nerve of developers -_-

1875d ago
ritsuka6661875d ago

You forget: QTE action game, Survival horror turned in action game, japanese decline games...

DestinyHeroDoomlord1875d ago

I fully agree with your first point, monster hunter is one of my favourite games and not because of graphics. I'd hardly call Mario a dead horse though... Fanboys on the other hand should accept not always being right.

Darth Gamer1875d ago

Was a pretty good little article but I wouldn't agree that those are the things that are the biggest problems with gaming today. I'm 40 and have been gaming since I was about 5. so I also have a chip on my shoulder as to what is wrong with gaming today so here is my list.

1.) The INTERNET. This (youtube) is the biggest thing wrong with gaming today. There is NO more trying, NO more Wonder or excitement, No more Being amazed as of what is to come in a game. Are you stuck, Well go to youtube and look how to beat it. Wanna know where all 100 flags are? Well just look it up. GARBAGE!!!!

2.)Gaming Journalism. Boy has this changed and not for the better. Most of this stems from reason #1. THE INTERNET. Any Tom, Dick and Sally can be a gaming Journalist and 98% of them are not qualified and couldn't find there way out of a paper bag. Not to mention that most of them are about as immature as my 8 year old!!

3.)DLC. Just a way to milk every penny out of the consumer. How do they do it, Easy, just hold things off of the disc (or put it on there but don't make is available) and make people pay to get it. Every game now is incomplete and this seems to be OK. ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS!!!

4.)FANBOYS. Just a bunch of IDIOTS who think that a company loves them. GREATNESS AWAITS or JUMP IN!!!! Give me a damn break. Your an IDIOT, GO GET A LIFE and CARE ABOUT A REAL LIFE PROBLEM. How about SYRIA for and example...

5.) Call of Duty!!! Yes, I have played and enjoy call of duty but I also play and own hundreds of other games and in every genre too. I'm a high school teacher and know many, many kids who only play COD. This game franchise has single handedly ruined countless gaming studios who have gone under because so called "gamers" are no longer buying there games because it isn't a FPS or contain the words "CALL" or "DUTY" in the title.

Ok, I could go on but there is my TOP 5. My rant is done.

LonDonE1875d ago


dcj05241875d ago

Metal Gear 2 was impossible without faq lol. That damn swamp.

aliengmr1875d ago

Going to have to disagree with a couple (mostly just the first) of your points.

What does other gamers going to youtube have to do with your experience? No offense, but its really a "get off my lawn" statement.

Points 2, 3, and 5 can be summed up by one word, "money". Not greed, though that does play a role from time to time.

See, games have become big business, so like any business they think of ways to maximize profits. Games make lots of money but they also cost a lot too. Most of these measures are put in place to deal with the bloated budgets these games have.

The more money they pour into a project the more it has to make. The more money they have to make the more generic a game has to become.

Gamers themselves are partially to blame for this too. Sure some say they don't care about visuals, but they are also the first to say if it doesn't look "next-gen" enough.

Game Journalists are just there for a slice. But this is the internet and followed closely behind the racists and douche-bags are the people with opinions.

Fanboys are nothing new to anything really. Sports, cars, they all have them. Question is; Are they a problem or a result?

What it all boils down to is gaming got way too big way too fast and is having trouble supporting itself. There's a limit to what a single gamer will pay for a game, but EA/Bioware still put $300 million into SWTOR.

alphaomega881875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Thank God there are othere intelligent gamers out there...I would have to agree that shitty journalism/the internet are the biggest problems with gaming today. That, and because you just can't be cool if you don't appreciate photo-realism and want it in every game and franchise you like, man.

What happened to the days when we played Goldeneye because it was an immense amount of fun with 4 of your buddies in the same room, and not because, well, it looked like, uber realistic man?!? Or when every game we ever played with multiplayer was local, and we actually had to/learned to socialize, and weren't internet zombies, like the thousands of games of street fighter 2, or endless matches in twisted metal, or the hilarious fun of cutting off your buddy's squirrel head in Conker's? Or the sheer frustration of trying to coordinate with your friend the impossible jet ski jumps on level 3 of Battletoads?

Gone are the good ol' days...

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SAYGUH1875d ago

Good to know that there's some ppl who have sense around here, gaming is dead much like movies & music

Wni01875d ago

LoL being more popular than SC2 is the biggest thing wrong with the videogame industry.

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