The Armchair Empire: Dark Sector Review

The Armchair Empire writes: "Dark Sector is a depressing game filled with biological weapons gone awry, huge mutated freaks, and enough gore and severed limbs to rival a real-life slaughter house. That said, it's actually pretty fun, particularly the all-purpose "glaive", which is a weapon, tool, and flashlight all in one handy contraption. It can also be manipulated in-flight to result in pin-point decapitations."

The Good:
-The glaive is the all-purpose killing tool that we wish we all had! (At least for games)
-Great touches all round, especially the sound of the glaive
-Controls are very reminiscent of other action titles, like Gears of War
-Multiplayer games are great...

The Bad:
-... even if there are only two modes
-Glaive is so good that the guns feel underpowered

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