Halo 2 to Halo 3 Master Chief Comparison

Club Skill has done a comparison of the Halo 2/Halo 3 Master Chiefs.

I know this article is kinda old, but it's still intersting to see the differences side by side. Especially with the new scans of HALO 3 working its way around the net. I'm out...Peaz :).

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Smellslikepie4462d ago

Hmm, on the first picture I can see LOADS of difference... But on the third one it doesn't seem much better. I know it IS but it#s a bit hard to see.

Capt CHAOS4462d ago

Where's the camera man in MC's visor in the 2nd image?? huh huh?

PS360PCROCKS4462d ago

yeah the first picture is wayyy better but the second one not so much noticeable, even tho it is alot better

Yo Wassap4462d ago

I thought that pics one and two were completely different, number 3 is harder as the pictures are too small. It would be far easier if the pics were bigger.

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