Battlefield 4 at the Xbox Booth at PAX Most Probably Runs on the Same High-End PCs used at Gamescom

Yestereday DualShockers reported that the build of Battlefield 4 currently running at the Xbox booth at PAX Prime is actually a PC version running on high end PCs.

Some tried to diminish the issue by arguing that those PCs aren’t actually high-end PCs, but either Xbox One development PCs or rigs with specs similar to the Xbox One to faithfully represent what Xbox One owners will see when they’ll finally get their hands on the game.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all, and everything about the PCs used at PAX seems to indicate that they're exactly the same PCs used at Gamescom, the specs of which are known. The Xbox One's specs isn't even in the same order of magnitude.

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iamnsuperman1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I am not surprised if it is as DICE has been running this game on high end PC all over the place (regardless of Xbox One or PS4).edit: the only snipit we have had for a console version is what IGN (on the PS4) said which sounded no where near finished

It's DICE after all

YNWA961873d ago

This is a standard, to run it on a development high end machine.... Its only a fuss so they can take a shot at X1. If this was PS4, would people make a fuss?

Abriael1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

It's not a "development" "high end" machine.

There's no "development" "high end" machines to begin with. Development PCs have only slightly higher specs than the console.

This is a commercially available high end PC with specs that aren't even on the same order of magnitude as the Xbox one and that you can buy yourself for 1300+ euros.

cyguration1873d ago


Yes, this is true. Devkits are not commercially available PCs.

What has been running at tradeshows contain off-the-shelf PC parts that anyone can build. That's not a devkit.

People are either purposefully trying to re-name household PCs as devkits (which they are not) or they're trying to downplay the issue to maintain their fanboyism.

Abriael1873d ago

@cyguration: this isn't even a PC everyone can build with off the shelves parts. This is a fully pre-made PC you can buy as a whole package, decorations and all, as it's the officially licensed Battlefield 4 PC, for sale for 1300something euros.

strifeblade1872d ago

Sony fanboys are just jelous that the x1 version looks better than the horrible ps4 version. lol

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AngelicIceDiamond1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Dice are a bunch of PC fanboy afterall.

It still amazes me fanboys went full assult on X1

Something similar popped up with PS4 last week.

When in actuality

Dice always optimize its engine to the highest priority machine which is PC. Its obvious they have to make compromises on current gen systems (no brainer) but compromises will even hit next gen systems as well? I'm looking forward to BF4 but these guys don't know what it means to Tailor between console and PC.

Witcher 3 is PC game that will look as good on next gen systems as well. The Witcher devs aren't optimizing to the point of compromising The X1 and PS4 version in favor of the PC like Dice are.

I like Dice but they need to learn to tailor instead of making PC nearly night and day when compared to Next gen systems.

twinspectre1873d ago

DICE are a bunch of no brainer and they don't deserve all the attention and our money
1st learn how to make a game
and then maybe you will get something..

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gamewizard991873d ago

Pathetic, I don't know who's to blame Microsoft for not giving them long enough with a dev kit or DICE for being scared to show their own game on the console.

quenomamen1873d ago

This is MS's booth, they control what hardware is used not DICE. Only ones scared to show anything is MS, they trying hard to portray the X1 as being more powerfull than it really is.

Golden_Mud1873d ago

EA is the controller of their games even if they were shown at Microsoft booth , TitanFall was played on an Xbox One and looked great as the PC version ; DICE is the problem here

Animal Mutha 761873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

This has been reported already and this is the second article I have seen from this submitter on the same subject.

In the UK we use the term 'shit stiring'.

On topic it is most dissapointing that console versions are not being shown on their target hardware in a decent state. It would be good to know at this stage how close they are likely to be to the fantastic PC visuals we have seen. Given the known availability of Xbox one kits that we have seen being used by other devs I can't understand how DICE cannot show the two together unless there are substantial issues with the software.

JsonHenry1873d ago

We have the same saying here in the USA. I guess it was imported. :)

Abriael1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Actually, it's not the same thing. The first article brought evidence that the version showcased was the PC one, the second brings evidence that identifies the exact PC model and its specs, demonstrating that it has absolutely nothing to do with an xbox one development PC or a PC used to represent the Xbox one's specs.

In journalism we use the term "in-depth follow-up", while we define your reaction "annoyed fanboy" :D

FamilyGuy1873d ago


Very in-depth, I don't even see how this is classified as a "rumor" with all the evidence that's gathered in this article.

It's as proper as an English gentlemen.

Deadpoolio1873d ago

Don't say Console versions like SONY is doing it also....It has been confirmed since E3 that games on PS4 are being ran on PS4 dev kits...It's only shady ass Micro$haft that are using High end power PCs to run their games...Which people might be alright with if it weren't for the fact that they're using Windows 7 and Nivida graphics cards when the One is designed around Windows 8 and using AMD chips

Golden_Mud1873d ago /xbox-one-games-did-not-run-on- high-end-pcs-at-e3.39428/

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The_Truth_24_71873d ago

So that means the pc version is gimped and full of bugs.

Withdreday1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

You do know this is a beta version right? The final PC version won't be as buggy.

But anyway, I suspect the versions of the games will go, in order of quality: PC, PS4, and waaayyy in 3rd, the Xbox One version.

You can tell something is up because most companies don't even want to show games running it. This is getting ridiculous.

FoodleFumper1873d ago

Glad I went PC this time around.

arjman1873d ago

You do know that this is battlefield and it probably will be buggy :D