The Armchair Empire: Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Review

The Armchair Empire writes: "Unlike a lot of sports games, I'm familiar with Hot Shots Golf so it was with great enthusiasm I dropped Out of Bounds into my PS3. And my enthusiasm dropped a notch or two when I found a great looking cartoon golf game that isn't actually a departure from previous Hot Shots Golf games. You've played this Hot Shots Golf game before; it's just never looked this good.

Out of Bounds includes the typical options prior to hitting the links to outfit your chosen golfer with clothes, clubs, etc. and also hits all the right notes when it comes to course variation, with the usual desert, temperate, etc. environs that we've all come to expect."

The Good:
- Another great iteration of the Hot Shots Golf series
- Looks great
- Good multiplayer component...

The Bad:
- ... would have been even better with voice chat
- Doesn't do a whole lot new with the series

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Clinton5143929d ago

Wasn't this article about GTA? Now it's Hotshots Golf. I must be tripping.

picker3323929d ago

Yeah i guess you are.

Anyway,i want this game but i just don't want to spend 40/60$ on this game,i just can't!