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VGRevolution: It is easy to see why Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is the expo darling. If you were on the fence about which system to invest your hard earned cash on this holiday season, Titanfall could be the killer app that could make that decision for you. It is the one game that makes me glad I have a PC I can play this on.

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colt-of-tipton1963d ago

Nothing but praise for this game so far , day 1 for sure .

christocolus1963d ago

titanfall..I don't really like multiplayer only games but this may just change my mind..all the previews have been looks like a combination of mechassault and cod....nice

Pinkdolphinyfg1963d ago

On the flipside of the coin destiny launches in the same timeframe as titanfall yet they have been letting respawn steal all the hype by being completly silent during gamescom and pax. Bungie is doing themselves a disservice titanfall>Destiny. Just look at all the articles titanfall gets in a day compared to destiny in the last month.

Supermax1963d ago

Bungie knows hey have nothing to worry about.titanfall will be great as well.

AG-Mike1963d ago

I really wish something like Destiny was at PAX to compare it to. Right now, it rules the floor. Lines have been capped out 10 minutes into the doors opening and throughout the day.