Nintendo 3DS Or PS VITA: Which Should You Go For?

Both the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS are great consoles. S&R believe that in the end the winner will be the one with the best games.

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Otoshigamisama3978d ago

Yeah I agree I have both, why even bother choosing when both can give you a great gaming experience?for a gamer its a no brainer to side with only one.

PS:this argument will only start another war SMH

DarkHeroZX3978d ago

cant call yourself a gamer until you have both. i have a soul sacrifice red PS Vita and a Gold and Black Zelda edition 3DS. I go big or not at all.

dredgewalker3978d ago

Definitely both, they're so different from each other that they're worth having them together.

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Majin-vegeta3978d ago

If you can afford both then get both.But if you can only afford one go with which ever one gives you better value.

Bundi3978d ago

The one with the games you like.
End of discussion.

miyamoto3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Yup and that game is Minecraft which will be done and published by Mojang themselves not 4J Studios. Rumored to be downloadable for FREE and has the ability to cross play with PS4, & PS3. That will be awesome, isn't it?

Bundi3976d ago

Cool, except that it is being made by 4J Studios not Mojang
Mojang will publish though. More money going back to Mojang, great.

Bundi3975d ago

Again, it is being published by Mojang but developed by 4J, none of what you posted refuted that. Your free vita version link is from pre-E3.

TripC503978d ago

Which one costs less?
Which one has the best games?

Hicken3978d ago

Those are two different questions, with potentially different answers.

Different because one is objective, but subject to certain conditions or situations- sales, bundles, etc.- while the other is subjective, dependent upon a person's specific tastes.

As for me, I already have a Vita, and don't really need another one, so I'd go with a 3DS.

TripC503978d ago

Those are the questions parents ask during Christmas shopping. How those questions are answered will determine which handheld sells more.

Hicken3978d ago

Are parents the only ones who will be buying them, and only during the holidays?

clrlite3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Both, or go with the one YOU are genuinely excited about first.

I have a Vita on the way first though and will pick up a replacement 3DS at some point in the future.