Killer Instinct will modernize and separate fighting styles

Microsoft's upcoming Killer Instinct reboot for Xbox One will offer a more modernized version of the game by separating the fighting style of different characters, more so than in previous titles, producer Torin Rettig told Polygon.

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user74029311871d ago

i remember playing killer instinct on my snes.

fattyuk1871d ago

Killer instinct the f2p demo with micro transactions and IMO awful "pricing" system

CalamityCB1871d ago

I don't care about the pricing, it is actually looking to be a promising fighting game.

CRAIG6671871d ago

It's a great pricing system, pick what you want or the WHOLE lot for 40 dollars,including the original KI- YES PLEASE!

kingdip901871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

It comes in two 'seasons' the whole lot is $80 with the original ki and possibly ki gold along with 2 seperate character packs. Maybe even more down the road who knows...

No_Limit1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

It is $40 for 2 seasons and a total of 16 characters. $80 if you what the special package with the old KI and KI2 games and DLCs included.

$20 for 8 characters is a heck of a deal if you asked me, that is like $2.50 per character, each with their own stage.

CRAIG6671871d ago

If they keep releasing seasons with 8 characters for the lifespan of the console for that price it's fine by me, if you don't like well too bad, it's not like you have to purchase the 40 dollar version, you can get ALL characters stages for 20 dollars-IT'S A BARGAIN!!! stop winging like a little school girl, it's insulting...

kingdip901871d ago

I only provided information, I didn't give me opinion either way. Lord only knows why you feel the need to attack me craig667

Dakriz1871d ago

People stop nip picking Lobb stated that if you buy seasson 1 you pay 40 for the Ultra KI version or

“You can pay $20 again and now you have 16 characters, or you pay $40 again and you’ll get the everything version.”

So in reallity you can choose to pay only 20 per seasson and still have an awesome game. Time will tell and it this sells so many companies will follow and again MS will change the way we play again.

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come_bom1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )


People like you always complain with no apparent reason.

I'll explain it real slow to see if you get it. You get a free demo (one character) with the X1 ... if you like the game, you can purchase the full game with ALL CHARACTERS at a fixed price. If you don't want all the characters, you can purchase a couple of characters and don't have to pay full price for the game. So why the hell are complaining about the pricing?

I wish all games followed this model. Imagine if you wanted to purchase the single player from a specific game, and didn't want the multiplayer. You could get the single player from that game much cheaper. It would be perfect. I wish all games had this option.

eferreira1871d ago

a game with 6 characters at launch is pretty weak. KI was a huge name. i feel this game will be good but not great

godofboobees1871d ago

Lets just leave it to the fighting game community to see if its worthy. If it makes it to evo next year then its worthy

thetruthx11871d ago

I agree so far they have a long range character, grappler, a more well rounded fighter and the new character looks like she uses air attacks

nugnugs1871d ago

That sound very new and exciting in the fighting game genre, a grappler you say?! Air attacks?!

Hicken1871d ago


Seriously, though. The f2p model is not one that works for fighters.

ThanatosDMC1871d ago

^Tekken Revolution is also free to play

3D fighting is much better than 2D fighting, imo.

thetruthx11871d ago

@nugsnugs the topic is the variety of the fighters. Do you have anything to add?

Hicken1871d ago

Tekken doesn't follow the same format as KI, and I don't think it works too well, either.

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