The document that could change GTA forever

Offer to Purchase for Cash
All Outstanding Shares of Common Stock
(Including the Associated Preferred Stock Purchase Rights)
of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
at $26.00 Net Per Share
by EA08 Acquisition Corp.
a wholly-owned subsidiary of
Electronic Arts Inc.

kewlkat0075528d ago

Another franchise has just gone down the Tube.....

Enjoy this one(GTA4) folks..

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v1c1ous5528d ago

you are the embodiment of everything that is bad this gen.

someone so devoted to a company you wish ill luck on game companies for bringing series to other consoles so more people can enjoy them.

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LightningPS35528d ago (Edited 5528d ago )

It was lost when Rockstar decided to take it Multi.

Pretty soon it will be just like Madden, coming out every year and on every console on the market. And I'll just laugh my ass off.

They wanted to expand their userbase, so they got their wish.

v1c1ous5528d ago

cause this whole gen is "MULTICONSOLE"


Cysquatch5528d ago

Take Two's Board rejected the original offer. EA is going hostile and is tendering the offer to the shareholders. The annual shareholder's meeting is the 18th which so happens to be the deadline of this offer. The stock is $25/share right now. The $26/share offer is ridiculous and let's hope the shareholders think the same thing.

cLiCK_sLiCK95528d ago

Im with you.
Fcuk EA. Im not even goin to say anything guys know the rest.

SynGamer5528d ago

Rockstar going multi-platform with GTA4 was a good thing financially. So far it seems both games are nearly the same which means it should pay off for fans as well. While i hate EA's yearly releases, it's hard to argue with their current structure in terms of efficiency.

FordGTGuy5528d ago

You do know that GTA: San Andreas and GTA Vice City were on Xbox right?

Fallen_Angel5528d ago

Got to love stupid fanboys like lighting there. Ranting about them making gta4 multi when it has always been a multi game.

GTA released for DOS, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation

GTA 2 released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and Dreamcast

GTA 3 released for PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows

GTA VC released for PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows

GTA SA released for PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and Xbox

GTA has never been an exclusive to any system

juuken5528d ago (Edited 5528d ago )

Lightning, that was a really dumb thing to say. I may not like M$ but Take Two is still a really good company and going multi-platform was a good thing, whether you liked it or not.

It was actually good for them and I don't want that bratty company EA taking them over.

Treefingers5528d ago

or does anyone else remember Rock* North (or something similar)going PS exclusive after XBOX360 episodic content?

Lifendz5528d ago

or at least a good number of podcasts and from what I've heard from EA's representatives gone are the days when they would be like the borg. They pretty much let the devs do their thing and provide better tools than they otherwise would've had. I don't think they'll change GTA. I do think, however, that they're going to launch their own console.

Just imagine, a console with GTA, Bioshock, Burnout, Madden, KOTR, Mass Effect, and etc all exclusive. Tell me you wouldn't at least consider it.

MattFoley5528d ago

You are correct Lifendz.Bubbles

Exhaust5528d ago

Congratulations your comment wins the grand price for blind corporate loyalty.

#1 - Sony has admitted to not pursuing GTA timed exclusivity or any other kind of exclusivity with Rockstar this generation. They're focusing on first party development this generation rather than securing third party exclusivity.
#2 - If the game isn't developed by a first party developer its going multiplatform this generation simply due to higher production costs.
#3 - As Fallen Angel pointed out GTA has always been multiplatform.

Grow up.

JsonHenry5528d ago

EA has been kind to my favorite franchise - Command and Conquer. So I have faith they will do the game justice.

Shadow Flare5528d ago

I would hate it if EA released their own console. However i agree with you about them being 'less like the borg'. All i have to do is look at the Burnout series and I can see how the EA aquisition of it has benefited the series. They still let Criterion do whatever they want but you can tell they gave them advice from their Need for Speed experience about openworld cities for Burnout Paradise. And the EA music is good too. I mean, Rockstar doesn't need any help in making games, i think EA know that. But i just hope they don't make their own console.

SuperTanker5527d ago

The reason that Take Two's stock is ~ $25/share is because EA made the $26/share offer to them back in February. This is why the stock is valued near $26 dollars right now because with EA making the offer, that's about what it's worth. If this offer weren't here, their stock would be no where near $26. Before EA's offer, it was only around $16/share.

Cysquatch5527d ago (Edited 5527d ago )

I still think the 26/share offer is way too low. EA is trying to get in before GTAIV. Plain and simple. GTAIV is going to DOUBLE Halo 3 in the first week of sales. Period. 2 billion is a steal for the publishing rights of the most successful franchises of all time. Not to mention all the other titles under the T2 umbrella:
(Sid Meier's Civilization®, Max Payne, Midnight Club, Manhunt, Red Dead Revolver, BioShock, Sid Meier's Railroads!®, Sid Meier's Pirates!™, and Top Spin. Licensed brands include the sports games Major League Baseball® 2K, NBA® 2K, NHL® 2K, and College Hoops 2K.)

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Buubar5528d ago

This could be old though? It was Filed on March 13, 2008.

We'll have to see, its bound to happen anyway.

TheExecutive5528d ago

i dont really see how Take Two can deny this offer. They owe it to their shareholders.

Jazzzz5528d ago

But what about the game-players?

360 owners

ps3 owners

Hardcore fans?

People who have played maybe 3 or 4 games at a friends house who (since 01) automatically hear the gta name and know for a fact that something at least moderately enjoyable is there...

shareholders are responsible for the money perhaps....

in a better world maybe.

-EvoAnubis-5528d ago (Edited 5528d ago )

No shareholder with a brain would sell in this situation. A smart investor looks at the market, and sees that EA is in a mad scramble to get this deal done before 4/29. Two reasons being they want that GTA4 money, and also they know the sales from this game will make TT a lot of money and raise the stockprice due to the new income stream, which would make a hostile takeover too costly at that point.

Besides, no real investor sells when the price is still going up. A minor jump is enough to get the investors who know nothing to sell, but a seasoned investor will hold.

Edit: See? That just proves my point. EA knows exactly what they're trying to do, and a smart investor would know it too.

RJ20005528d ago

How do they owe it to their share holders? Their shares are going to go to sh*t. Those that know anything will sell after this. That is the only favor they have done them.

IntelligentAj5528d ago

This is a tendered offer which hasn't accepted yet.

Smudge26265528d ago

That's what I came to say. I know there was a whole fuss about EA trying to buy them a while back, this could just be the document from that offer. No mention of Take Two accepting.

meepmoopmeep5528d ago (Edited 5528d ago )

looks like GTA4 will be the last real GTA game.

EDIT: so the deal is for the 18th of April unless extended.
guess we'll find out in a couple days

Hagaf225527d ago

hopefully if the shareholders do decide to be overly dumb and accept this, rock* and take-two get the income that gta4 brings in. im not sure how all that works but it would suck to put so much in to a game then have ea come in and get all the money.