What’s the Word? What is Your Most Memorable Gaming Moment

"Raise your hand if you have spent countless hours playing Call of Duty or anything other online multiplayer game. OK, now put them down, you look silly. These and other similar experiences happen frequently enough that it is quite difficulty to distinguish one game play session from the next. How many games have you played that actually made you stop and create a personal space in your memory banks just to you can recall it at will? I am sure that you all probably have one in mind and are reliving fond memories as I speak,er…type. This is what separates game play sessions from game play experiences. Now this was a very slow week for the social community as it is the last week before vacation ends and we all return to the hum drum life that we all know and love oh so much. There will be one quote followed by an anecdote from myself. Hope you all enjoy my own personal memorable gaming experience."

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ABeastNamedTariq1872d ago

I have many, many favorites.

The three that happened to me most recently were in The Last of Us.

The first was during the hotel basement level. I walk towards the generator, blissfully unaware that something was behind me. First pull, easy enough. Before I could finish the second pull, I get knocked off the generator, turning around to the sound of 3 stalkers gurgling and screeching a few feet away from me. Scared the S*** out of me. The ensuing chaos was some of the most tense action I've ever played through in a video game.




It was during winter when you're playing as Ellie. That whole section was friggin tense. I wasn't playing on Survivor, so I got comfortable with being able to take out enemies rather quickly. Playing as Ellie, everything was stripped away from me. I was powerless. But I loved it. My heart was beating out of my chest. Definitely one of my favorite sections in a game.

The third was during the sub station level, when you have to fight the two bloaters. On my first play through, I don't fight them lol. I distracted them with a many bottles as I could, and went to prop Ellie up. The sheer sense of dread I had when I heard them both coming up behind me, along with the sense of relief when I made it to the top of the bus. Friggin great.

Besides that, I've had plenty, like I said before. Fighting two ancient dragons in Skyrim (unscripted), using a golden key in Borderlands 2, climbing trees in AC3, beating Mass Effect 2 without anyone dying, fighting Deathclaws in Fallout 3/NV, etc.

KillrateOmega1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I don't even know, man, I've been gaming for over a decade and have played so many games, so it's had for me to remember and isolate any particular moment.

However, seeing as my Dad is playing Call of Duty right in front of me, I guess one moment would be when I got my first nuke in MW2. I remember, because I was proud that didn't resort to any bull**** tactics or camping, I got it legit.

AceBlazer131872d ago

Sora waking up Kairi in kh and Sora and Riku face off against ansem in kh2 omg that was one of the best boss battles ever.

jeremyj29131872d ago

Mine would have to be the day I walked into FuncoLand to see what games I liked so I could let my mother know what games I wanted for Christmas when I was going to get my PS2. Walked up to the demo PS2 and saw a game called Devil May Cry. Got a quick control rundown from one of the workers and proceeded to dispose of puppets. First thing that amazed me was the sword play. Then being able to knock a puppet into the air and juggle them with bullets.(Jaw Dropped) But nothing could amout to how I felt when the guy told me to press L1. When I saw Dante change into his devil form and shoot lightning from his guns I stopped playing for a second so my mind could take everything in, and I knew I would not be happy with my PS2 unless I could have that game.

After Christmas finally came and I was able to play the game, I remember getting to the part when Dante acquires Alastor and seeing the sword inpale him. I could swear I did something wrong but as the scene progressed I saw him open his eyes. Thinking to myself that he was just going to pull the sword out, I would have never guessed that he would just rise up allowing the sword to completely pass through his rib cage. 0_0! Ever since that moment I've been Dante's number one

dcj05241871d ago

When I FINALLY beat mecha sonic. My 5 year old self felt like a boss.