Battlefield 4 Official Wired Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3 Revealed

Battlefield 4 Official Wired Controller for Xbox 360 and PS3 revealed, Designed by PDP.

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Mounce1872d ago

Awwww. Poor baby. Who knows how hard it'd be for you to survive during the 1st generation of gaming all the way up to PS2/Xbox.

Honestly, I don't see why people make such a big god damn fuss about 1 wire on a controller....

user74029311872d ago

i remember when i was 11, pubertys tough huh?

fattyuk1872d ago

"Honestly, I don't see why people make such a big god damn fuss about 1 wire on a controller...."

Because when you own wireless controllers you will always see wired controllers as a step back... esp if your going to be spending $50 for the privilege.

Its kind of like "battery packs" and "requires AA batterys" to me is like

"wtf is this? 2005?"

Mounce1872d ago

@Fattyuk - I don't see it as a 'stepback' I prefer owning a wired mouse on my laptop and having to not worry about batteries, Ever.

You seeing it as a 'Step back' smells like an coming from an over-privileged, opinionated brat who finds the smallest things inconvenient, 'wires' as a setback compared to wifi, on a CONTROLLER. Cause clearly that 1 wire is going to tangle up and get 'EVERYWHERE'. All I hear, is whining, if you can't handle a Single Cord, to be honest. It's not a step back, it's your attitude that you call it a 'step back' when the situation is redundant in concern.

-Third World Country- "I'm worried about finding food and water"

-Kids like you- "SINGLE WIRES ARE A STEP BACK, INCONVENIENT!, Batteries are so 2005!"

Hence my comments are as they are. I'd complain only about Xbox/Microsoft sticking with Battery-composed controller concepts in which PS3 and PS4 uses its own internal, rechargable battery. The 'CONTRAST' of the two is comical.

PlayStation_41872d ago

Wireless should be standard by now... it's 2013, not 2002.

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Wikkid6661872d ago

You know that wired controllers have less latency... right?

Neixus1872d ago

I'm pretty sure that wasn't his reason on why he dislikes wired. I personally hate if i'm lying in bed, and have to fiddle with that damn wire all the time.

No_Pantaloons1872d ago

True, but by design only. For instance the logitech G700s has the same 1000 reports/second even while in wireless mode, but then its a gaming mouse and that's what people wanted.

They could do the same with any type of input controller. They wont though if they can sell controllers like this that offer no real improvements, but enough "Illuminated logos" to make people forget that this is really nothing special.

OneAboveAll1872d ago

Bitch when you have a wireless because of batteries? Bitch when you have the option of wired so you don't have to change batteries.

Seriously, enough with yalls belly aching. Suck it up and shut up cry babies.

BlueBlood171872d ago

I do see the point...

Some people are really adamant about minimizing any input lag or interference and wired is the way to do that.

I personally prefer wired headsets because it means i'm guaranteed optimal audio quality in and out and no interference.


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MisfitsInc1872d ago

the 360 controller looks more like a toy because of the button colors

Mounce1872d ago

Then it's a good thing you weren't born during the days of even SNES, N64, Dreamcast or Gamecube. Phewww! They'd all look like Candy to you!

fattyuk1872d ago

You got a right chip on your shoulder about anyones opinion on this controller havent you "mounce"

MisfitsInc1872d ago

hhhmmmm, yea because you know exactly how old i am right? i'm actually 23 and i still own all of the consoles you listed. now go sit in the corner and shut your mouth until you know what you're talking about.

Mounce1872d ago

Lol, defensive children, did I hit the mark?

@fattyuk - Look in the mirror ;)

@Misfitslnc - You sound insecure, there's not much I can say to you, anyone can claim their age to be anything to sound more credible, but clearly if the Xbox controller is the first thing that comes to mind when you see colored buttons as if there's none other before it? You make yourself sound young, naive and inexperienced with what controllers you've used in your lifetime, however long that lifetime of yours is, being insecure about it and getting offended over my comment is sad.

MisfitsInc1872d ago

@Mounce you seem to have a problem with people an opposite opinion to yours, but i dont care. shit looks like a toy get over it.

LogicStomper1872d ago

That's ironic coming from someone who was talking about the colours of the PS4 controller.

"i like the blue one more because the color scheme works with the light bar a lot better."

"the colors are, 1P = Blue, 2P = Red, 3P = Green, 4P = Orange (or Pink, i dont remember). i just mean as far as the standard configuration. "

So, about these controllers looking like a toy because of colours?


MisfitsInc1872d ago

yea because face buttons, and the actual color of the controller are the exact same thing. try again

LogicStomper1872d ago

Oh, so making the buttons easily distinguishable is worse than playing barbie dolls changing the colours of the controller?

Again, owned.

bub161872d ago

seems like EA going the same route as COD now, loads of useless DLC packs that should come standard with the game! and silly accessories like this...

BattleReach1872d ago

Funny that the box for the Xbox Controller says its made for Playstation 3.

Sgt_Slaughter1872d ago

It's made by PDP...

Hell no.

swishersweets200311872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Thats what i said to myself when i read it was made by PDP.

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