Xbox One Controller Got Painted by Eight Artists, Looks Gorgeous or Ugly?

Recently Microsoft asked 8 artists to take a paintbrush to their new Xbox One Controller. This is how the end result looks.

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user74029311925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

that controller makes me sick, i know its probably just me but i actually feel like i need to throw up a little when i see it.

reasons ....

1. the shape reminds me of a obese black cockroach wings.

2. the colors on the buttons make them even more real

3. the 2 analog sticks remind me of a man with a messed up face with 1 eye up and 1 down,

4. there is no sharpness, it looks morbidly obese

vishmarx1925d ago

wish they spent money on better things

user74029311925d ago

i agree, what things would you wish they spent cash on? danny...

HolyDuck1925d ago

A peripheral for a games console, makes you feel sick?

Oh dear, what is this world coming too?

1. What is a "black, obese cockroach wings"?

2. The colours of the buttons make what even more real?

3. If the controller reminds you of a messed up face, and a cockroach, am I safe to assume you think peoples faces look like cockroaches?

4. A peripheral... looks morbidly obese?

I think you're just poking fun to poke fun.

Personally, I think the PS4 controller looks anorexic /s

drsfinest721925d ago

why do you even have 5 bubbles..

sobotz1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Anyone who's trolling MS in here are gonna have more bubbles than you

sobotz1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

You can bash xbox one/ms anytime you want, but to think that you actually bashing the artist who made it hardfully it's a one thing. If you can do better, why don't you make your own custom controller, and let's see if it's any better than this.

I said this because this sorta thing is my job. It's morally wrong to judge someone's art because it's not fit your taste. Critics are fine, but saying it even made you want to throw up just by looking at it is morally wrong

user74029311925d ago

define morals.

and i have the balls to state what i see. simple.

gaelic_laoch1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

Trying to deny someones freedom of speech and thought is also morally wrong!

DirtyPimps colourful use of the English language is more interesting then just saying "No Sir, it is not to my palate"

Bzone241925d ago

No, you have the bubbles to troll. Posting on the comments section doesn't prove you have the balls to state anything.

kewlkat0071925d ago

A controller "makes you sick"....


Trekster_Gamer1925d ago

If a controller makes you sick then how are you able to function in the world??

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user74029311925d ago

i have more reasons...

the ones i listed above were just cosmetic.

ChizeloffdaBlock1925d ago

They look pretty good but I don't think controller design is what the Xbox needs to focus on. They need to focus on building up their relationship with consumers.

DeadManIV1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

i dont care about what it looks like i want to know how my controllers feel in my hands. And after playing for several hours.

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