How Much Weapons and Melee Have Evolve from GTA 1 to GTA V

Gamepur: "Just few more weeks to go for the launch of next installment in GTA series, GTA V. The series has come a long way and has been a undisputed king in the open world genre. None of you will disagree if i say that GTA franchise has been one of the best evolution of a video game series ever."

Before GTA V comes out, lets take a look back a bit at GTA series evolution with respect to weapons and melee, a look at weapons through the series. These include guns, melee weapons, and miscellaneous items or weapons, like the camera, binoculars, parachute, and dildo. Melee without items is possible in all games, with kicks and punches being used.

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Freddy_Millz11926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I still have yet to see Melee combat in action, other than in a cutscene...then again, i've also stopped watching any further trailers and vids to prevent any further spoilers.

Instead, i'll just put my hands in prayer formation, turn to Rockstar's general direction and kindly reply, "Dont f*ck ANY PARTS of this game up PLEASE!"

They aren't disappointing yet and as I said b4, i won't get upset at such a small thing if it is bad...I just wont use melee at all, like in IV.

Mr_Butata1926d ago

Yeah, they reveal so much of the story but anything about those basic mechanics...

Everytime they realease a trailer i mindlessly watch it wishing for them to not to spoil the story.. :S

RedSoakedSponge1925d ago

well there has been a lot of good games with melee combat recently for them to take some inspiration from, so im quite confident they will give the same amount of depth to melee and any other mechanic.

melee in gta4 was just terrible though imo so it has to be better than that.