100 Greatest PS4/Xbox One Games To Look Forward To

GB - "We are all looking forward to the next generation games for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Many questions cross our mind, how will they look? Will the games exceed our expectations? Which console is better? This year proved quite exciting in terms of the two video game consoles clashing against each other."

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user74029311926d ago

bf4 ps2, deep down, watchdogs

Abash1926d ago

Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous Second Son, Dead Rising 3, Knack, Killer Instinct, DriveClub, Crimson Dragon, The Evil Within

My wallet cried as I wrote that because I'll be spending so much

sincitysir11926d ago

Dying light knack outlast octodad kz: sf watchdogs and like 60 others. Ill only be able to afford like 6.03847% of the games I want =[ oh well at least ill have a lot to look forwar too!

calvincrack1926d ago

Wow they expect us to click 100 "next" buttons to see the list. Nope