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For a franchise that's been rather predictable for the past decade, the WWE series might now just be the most unpredictable it's ever been, in a year when it's transitioning from the now defunct THQ to the hands of 2K.

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Rodent851925d ago

SSDG (same shit different game)

bilzdabest1925d ago

Well if thats rubbish why u here.

I don't go to the battlefield page and say its crap just cuz i don't like it.

Undrey1925d ago

Agreed. First one I'm not getting.

bilzdabest1925d ago

Well still. Just cuz someone don't like soin it don't mean u go complain about it. (Not talking bout u I'm talking about that waste man at the top.

titans99991925d ago

I think it looks good, I am pre ordering this!

wwffan171924d ago

wweganes really stepped up thier game this year

bilzdabest1924d ago

Well next gen is around the corner , why would they.
Not only that but the went bankrupt half way while making this.
The only way they can step up from where they are is if they update the game, CONSTANTLY. Same way fifa, cod and everything else does.