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Spelunky is a game to hate and love and hate some more but keep going back to. It is a platforming adventure that was originally developed for the PC in 2008 but an updated version has been released this August for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita for €14.99. You take control of a nameless character to go exploring down a large cave with each level becoming more difficult than the last.

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Dianne1899d ago

I've died so many times in this game but always end up going back to it.

Blank1899d ago

Is very unforgiving and agggrevating but I cant stop playing! Having it on vita for work and then ps3 when I get home, I just cant stop! On top of the fact this game is also on my xbox.

spok221899d ago

On the fence about this game...

admiralvic1899d ago

It's an okay game that is fun to play in short bursts. The biggest problem is that the game is randomly generated and with the exception of a few rules, this can result in many situations you just can't win. This also causes you to be unable to learn from your mistakes, since every situation is going to be a little different.

Anyway, it's a solid deal at 11 dollars and okay deal at $15. It also includes the DLC characters from the Xbox version, which is a nice bonus.

spok221899d ago

bubbles for helpful. thanks

jackanderson19851899d ago

if i knew you better i'd buy it for you that's how awesome this game is... i have it on 3 seperate platforms....i may be addicted

GheyGhostBoy1899d ago

Got this game for ps3 it's fun after a while

arbitor3651899d ago

i was a fan of the original. Its so great to get back into it, with all the added content and improved visuals. this is a game that was destined for handhelds

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