GamerTM: Tekken 6 Hands-On

Building on the strengths of the last game and introducing a few interesting ideas of its own, Tekken 6 is on course to put the series back on the menu for those that have gone on to find meatier brawling elsewhere. The reliance on juggles will clearly take some learning (and may even put some players off altogether) but GamerTM have little doubt that it'll all be tweaked and refined for the console release.

And with PS3 owners currently only having an inferior version of VF5 on which to vent their virtual anger in a flurry of feet and fists, that release can't come soon enough.

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sonarus3844d ago

Can't wait for this game. I hope SC doesn't get delayed so namco will stop holding back tekken. Namco just seem to love holding back ps3 games. where the hell is eternal sonata huhn?

Xlll3844d ago

I would much rather have Tekken the SC.

pharmd3844d ago

yeah this game has been a long time coming... was actually playin dark resurrection today, I CANNOT WAIT!

sonarus3844d ago

@pharmd if you want to go at a game of dark resurrection add me. Used to suck but now i am getting pretty good. Really boosting my confidence

kevoncox3844d ago

be excited about this game????
1) Unstopable juggles
2) Cheap deaths when caught up against the wall
3) New gimicy rage system

Tekken hasn't been good since Tekken 2.

sonarus3844d ago

Well i guess its hard to get excited for the game when you don't own a ps3

pwnsause3843d ago

"1) Unstopable juggles"

is someone being ignorant, i think DOA has this, and its more ridiculous than tekken.

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Harry1903844d ago

but SC4 is a heavy contender for
best fighter of the year.

ruibing3844d ago

It's hard to say, but it's definitely hyped more.

LazyPhalanges3844d ago

I’ve only played Tekken 3, so the updated graphics will be impressive. :0

EverydayGuy3844d ago

Tekken 6 always been my fav, SC kind of bore me with the special characters and the perverted character designs.

thehitman3844d ago


SC I still dont know what ppl see in that game its an ok fighter but it has nothing on tekkan. My friend is addicted to tekkan5 he plays that game like everyday on ps3 online and comes to my house every now and then to play me.

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The story is too old to be commented.