Gamestyle Review: George of the Jungle

Gamestyle writes: "Every now and again we get games we don't necessarily want to review, and George of the Jungle is one of them. The only memory we have of the character is the absolutely atrocious Brendan Fraser movie, though it appears he has since acquired his own cartoon on Nickelodeon. Even if we look past the fact that this is a game for five year olds, we still found George of the Jungle to be a tedious experience.

Right from the start, we couldn't help but cringe. A George of the Jungle rap song playing over the title screen made us squirm and what's worse is the irritatingly catchy song persists in our minds even now. George's insistance on speaking in the third person in the opening scene also caused annoyance; only The Rock should be able to get away with that."

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