Beyond live TV - what the Xbox One user interface means for gamers

Digital Foundry on the next-gen dash, voice control and Kinect.

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Septic1875d ago

"While we'd take any comment that Kinect is as fast as a button press with significantly more than a pinch of salt, we can't deny that it looks quick. Really quick. In fact, much faster than the Kinect Sports Rivals demo we'd played on the show floor prior to arriving at this presentation."

Well that's good to know. Here's hoping that the latency problems are minimal.

Great article and one that highlights how Kinect's supplementary features can really make it a great device to accompany your core gaming sessions. I'm still quite excited about the tech.

thekhurg1875d ago

So why are the actual PAX video demonstrations laggy as hell with Kinect?

I hate when videos show something 100% different than what articles are reporting.

msonic981875d ago

What videos are you talking about?

kenmid1875d ago

What Vidoes... Give us a link to videos.

kenmid1875d ago

lol, I like how so many people can give us disagree but can't provide no links showing the UI being laggy.

thekhurg1875d ago

There is the link guys. No need to completely spazz out.

malokevi1875d ago

"You can walk into your lounge and your voice powers up everything: you won't need to reach for your remote or Xbox controller, you won't need to use multiple doobries to access each part of your system. Two words and you're up and running."

This brings a smile to my face. It's exactly what I want. :)

Xbox... On

Tv powers up, Xbox powers up, receiver powers up... I'm gonna feel like a wizard.

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MazzingerZ1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

I'm sorry but I'm almost 40 and even though I love gaming and have less time to game I hope there's the option to use buttons for everything, I don't want my wife and kids hear that I'm posting stuff in youtube or checking on friends...that's kind of private...that can be a turn off in a relation, like waving with a wiimote or ps move LOL then the double message to the kids about not spending much time on instagram and similar social stuff and me doing exactly that in their eyes, even if I only use it for 5 minutes for them will be like all the whole1-2 hours I was gaming

If you are forced to use Kinetec then I will say goodbye to the X1 already from today, no way I will get it later as I have considered.

Animal Mutha 761875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

As a guy who is nearing 40 as well and has a 2 yr old I actually get what your saying. I'm surprised you are getting so many disagrees (obviously people who don't share our predicament).

You don't need to use Kinect to do any of that. Everything in the OS can be done with the controller as before. You can even unplug it now If you wish.

I myself will mainly use controller when the wife and daughter are at home. The voice stuff and head tracking in Forza will be reserved for when I'm on my own.

I think the voice control will suit my wife who like to use Netflix and BBC iPlayer etc.

Older gamers will inherit the earth!

MazzingerZ1875d ago

That's great to hear! Thanks for the info!
Game on

trafalger1875d ago

that's the catch-22 m$ is faced with right now. showing us why the system will cost $500 and why kinect is something we want. on the other hand they need to make it optional in the sense you are not forced to use it which takes some of the value away because every xbone will have kinect.

personally i think once people use it they will enjoy some of its functions. right now it just seems odd to move around and/or use your voice for certain applications or gaming.

the technology is finally capable to realize some of its early potential when it debut on the x360. even being able to detect your heart rate.

some things as simple as auto-signing you into your account and knowing who is holding what controller and where can make life easier. if you get a phone call while playing a game or watching a movie simply saying xbox mute can save time and frustration looking for the controller for sound.

what i want to see is innovative ways to be applied, not shoehorned in and trying to force us to believe its a neat concept. if a controller works best then let us use that. if a game has too many button commands to properly access quickly then allow us to use kinect with the controller so that we don't have to struggle or pause a game to access menu's. there's lots of potential here. whats to stop you from assigning your own voice commands? or how about playing a shooter and instead of fumbling through the selection of grenade types just say it, flash grenade or smoke grenade. anything that can make gaming more accessible and more immerssive is great but as long as its done in a natural way.

the whole digital content world is also very interesting and i can see why there initial plans were being pushed. it really does offer a better sense of convenience to access your games quickly and having them be updated on the fly. rumors are floating that we may even be able to trade digital content and sell it. which is a big thing for many people. having some of the flexibility of physical content is a good thing and i dont ever see m$ doing another 180 on physical medium. they heard the feedback and once the system is out it would be suicide to change it again. digital content is another story because now it can be more consumer friendly with more possibilities. that is how you convince gamers to switch to digital, not by stripping away the freedoms of physical discs.

Volkama1875d ago

As a gamer i don't care for voice control, but some of the features like facial scanning are intriguing.

As a parent I see the the potential for some fantastic and intuitive parental control. My boys say "Xbox on", they see zoo tycoon and kinect sports. Ryse and dead rising don't exist to them.

Ms haven't spoken about it, but it's something I'm hoping to see.

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kenmid1875d ago

The article was about The Xbox dashboard and even said that in the article kinect is even more responsive then the kinect sports showing at gamecom.

theWB271875d ago

"We are running on real kits, real hardware - these are near-final boxes. There's no PC hidden underneath anywhere, there are no wires going back behind. Everything I'm actually showing is running on this box right here,"

"Both men are logged into the Xbox One dash, and both are able to access their individual data - be it Achievements, friends lists, whatever. Either of them could run Forza Motorsport 5 or any other game via a voice command and the system would ready their individual save state when the title loads. With digital delivery, all games in the library are accessible via voice as well as the standard controller. With the reversal back to disc-based DRM, the system isn't as streamlined with physical purchases - you'll still need to put your disc in the drive."

Oh snap, snap is nice
"Notice I'm still in the game. I'm going to play the clip, it'll take a second to load. I can then take the video into our editor, trim it down, save it and then upload it. And then go back to the game,"

"You could have YouTube snapped to a game, you could Netflix snapped to a game, you could have YouTube snapped to Netflix," adds Penello, pointing out that apps can be snapped to both games - and other apps."

"You can 'Snap party' and that'll show you everything people are playing and then you can join in games,"

People only want to mention motion control and Kinect does so much more. Can't wait...

n4rc1875d ago

Informative... Good read.. One part kind of made me excited.

It's difficult to avoid the sense that we're talking with really enthusiastic people who have been a little hamstrung in the ways that they can talk about their product - whether it's the Xbox One silicon or the user interface. We get the impression that this is about to change, significantly.

I hope so

Animal Mutha 761875d ago

I think this system is going to surprise a lot of people, especially a few select 'gamers' on this site who spend most of their time and bubbles ripping into an as yet unreleased product in MS related threads.

Just give us a UK release date please so we can judge for ourselves.

GodGinrai1875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Two months! I pre oredered mine on the dashboard of my X360 back during E3. november cant come fast enough!

EDIT:I think im gonna treat myself to a new TV for Xmas too!

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