Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of April 13th

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue finally makes it to America. Pick it up at retail, or at the PS Store this week. Here's the full release list:

US Games

* Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

EU Games

* UEFA Euro 2008
* Time Crisis 4

Asian Games

No new release

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sonarus3892d ago

ps store doesn't get updated till thursday with GT content even though it releases at retailers on tuesday. Thats unfair:(

ruibing3892d ago

I'm buying the BD version, so it doesn't affect me.

captainpwn3892d ago

- Extra behind the scenes content on the disc
- The hard copy with the case in your hand
- Resale value
- 2 days earlier!

ALL FOR how much you say?

Oh yeah, FREE. $39 if you buy it on the Store with none of those included, or $39 if you buy it in stores with all that included. Why on earth would you buy it on the Store? Unless you're really lazy..

EZCheez3892d ago

The store should be updated with new content as soon as the new store is available.

Just because the store usually updates on Thursday's doesn't mean that's the case this week.

LightningPS33892d ago

I figured since the new store is opening monday, they should atleast have some new content.

a demo of Euro 08 is long overdo. I say that because I have it on XBOX 360.

sonarus3892d ago

I have Euro 08 got it from the EU store.

Advantages of downloading from hard drive
-cheaper since i won't pay tax on it
-don't have to leave the hse to get it
-don't have to get up to put a disc in
-No need for 5GB installs(this is the big one) I have like 50GB left on my 160GB hard drive its still much but by the time you take 5GB here 5GB there you are left with nothing:(

But the option to get it 2 days earlier is making me reconsider that install

barom3892d ago

you gotta wait one day, it's not the end of the world. geez.

Lifendz3892d ago

Retailers don't like digital distribution getting so much of the market. Look how well Warhawk did. So Sony gave them a 2 day head start over it's own PSN. Fair compromise imo. Most of us don't get paid till the end of the week anyway.

Tomdc3892d ago

everyone in europe (including me) has had it for ages!

Lifendz3892d ago

doesn't the US version have more cars? Not trying to be condescending btw.

chasuk083892d ago

lol i dont have to get up to change the disc, hahaha

Tomdc3892d ago

not that I knew of... prehaps it does, but if so I reckon we'll get an update, because the EU one had advantages over the Japan version, but they got an update to bring theirs in line when the EU one was released.

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Ortiz833892d ago

Ha. Lazy lazy people...

LightningPS33892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

waiting for PS3 to turn this console war around. A lot of the pieces seem to be falling into place. But god, it's a slow process.

Whoooop3892d ago

I guess you're going to get married the day after your first date.


micro_invader3892d ago

You downloaded uefa 08 from the store? The whole game?
I might consider prolouge but the MGO beta is kind of distracting me ALOT right now