Sleeper Hits: The games of 2008

PC Authority reckon these less-than-hyped titles might just be the real stars of 2008. Yes, and they're not just talking about GTA IV.

Sure, you're probably more than aware that Grand Theft Auto IV is out on April 29th, but there are plenty of potential hits in store for gamers in 2008 that don't quite share GTA IV's marketing budget. Here's eight somewhat lesser known titles that PC Authority reckon could be the quiet achievers in 2008.

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jkhan3843d ago

Hey wait a sec. LBP cannot be a sleeper hit. Everyone who owns a PS3 knows about this game and pretty much excited about the idea. It will be a hit hopefully, but it ain't a sleeper hit. Haze if successfully will be a sleeper hit because anyone who had interest in that game, probably lost it after hearing about its multiple delays. Alone in the Dark, yeah well i am pretty excited about it. Too Human is another title that may turn out to be a sleeper hit, because most people including myself are quite double minded about this game. But you never know;)

meepmoopmeep3843d ago

i'm betting MGS4 and GeoW2 will be the sleepers.. there's like no hype for them :P

kingme713843d ago

I think Brutal Legend is a game that will sneak up on alot of people. Hopefully, it comes out in '08.

tony3842d ago

Alone In The Dark and far cry 2.(PC, Xbox 360, PS3) are sleepers hit, but gamers know they will be big big enough to be contenders for goty.