The next Xbox could have a lot more of Microsoft inside

Microsoft is no stranger to hardware. Its computer mice and keyboards have been among the best for over a decade, and now the company is trying to take the lead in communication devices such as headsets and Web cams.
While it would be ridiculous to compare Microsoft's hardware know-how with that of Dell, who manufactures or brands nearly anything PC-related, but it would be wrong to say that the software giant has no experience in producing and selling a PC. In fact, Microsoft made one of the most successful 'PCs' in recent memory with 30 million sold worldwide.

That's right, we're talking about the Xbox. Although the original Xbox was composed of mainly off-the-shelf parts, it demonstrated that Microsoft knew what it was doing. The Xbox 360 took it a step further with more custom components designed to Microsoft's specifications.

So then, what's the next step for Microsoft? Believe it or not, it could be in-house chip design.

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BIadestarX4468d ago

I think this is a great Idea. I think they should go for it. This can only benefit gamers. And if you don't want to microsoft do this; well there is always Nintendo or Sony.

shotty4466d ago

Its pretty smart because the money comes back to them. Instead of paying ATI and IBM, they can't do it themselves.

Dlacy13g4466d ago

But more than likely they are still going to need an Intel, AMD or ATI type company to actually produce the parts. What I do think this will do is cut down significantly on their R&D costs and help them negotiate a better deal, etc.

Mr Pumblechook4466d ago

Im a bit upset at the shortsightedness, and lack of ambition, of Microsoft. I love my x360 but it seems that when it comes to hardware Microsoft want to give just enough. They are working on a new console. But instead of saying they want it to be the most powerful console in the world they are setting their standards too low.

Major Nelson has demanded "next Xbox must be more powerful than Playstation 3"
But this is not powerful enough!

Considering the console will be out in 2009 you would expect it to be loads more powerful...

The Snake4466d ago

Their low end goal should be to make a console more powerful than the playstation 4.

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