Five reasons why GS/OS beats Vista and OS X

Ken Gagne from Comptuer world writes:

"Everyone is tossing their favorite operating system into the ring: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows Vista, Windows XP. But our recent OS smackdown overlooked my operating system of choice: GS/OS.

So, in the style of Preston Gralla, I offer five reasons why my OS - that of the 22-year-old Apple IIGS - gives you the power to crush the other kids: "

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Archaeox3842d ago

I'm getting sick of people saying older models of brands are better than newer ones

GutZ313842d ago

Wow... Just, Wow...

Can some one please get rid of the 50 year old bloggers?

TheIneffableBob3842d ago

Turn on your sarcasm detectors, guys.
This isn't a serious article; it was written as a humorous editorial.

Bonsai12143842d ago

haha. i remember using old school apple os's back in my elementary school days. my school was cheap and still had ancient apples lying around along with those g3 blocks. loved them

Montrealien3841d ago

lol, great article. Learn to appreciate kids, comments 1 and 2 smell of tween spirit.