Five Things I Liked While Playing Pokémon X & Y | GameInformer

GameInformer: "From riding critters to Mega Evolutions, here are five cool things I liked in my brief hands-on time with the game."

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r211876d ago

Im iffy with Megavolution concept but am really hyped for Pokemon XY and the super cheap 2DS :D

--Onilink--1875d ago

yeah, still not sure what to think about megaevolutions, no so much about the looks or that its a new evolution, but because so far they havent mentioned any negative sides to it, so Im kinda waiting to see how things will balance out in the end or everyone will end up with the same party


I for one hope there is a story element that basically makes it that one pokemon can stay a permanent evolution through something. or that it evolves in to a permanent mega evolution at level 100 ore something along the lines!